something sucks, trust me


So, I thought I had not put up ‘Hey Mister!’ on this site until now.. and so spent about 30 mins editing and playing with it.. thinking I can let it evolve into something readable soon.

Apparently I have already put it up. Score.

No worries though, I have a repository of stuff that is unpublishable.. leading me to put up: ‘Life Sucks

One of the first flights of fantasy I wrote while in engineering, in some class that was not worth listening to.

Not that this story is worth reading either. But then entitling something ‘This Story Sucks’ kinda takes away the sheen from it.

That aside, read on.


2 thoughts on “something sucks, trust me

  1. kanchan

    Nice. You wrote this in class? 😀
    And I am glad you have posted something. I need stuff to read while at work. 😛

  2. dude i think i still have the papers you wrote it on..torn out from whichever book..
    either that or i’ve already read this..
    i think ill look through my junk…im pretty sure i have one or two of your stories in their original format 🙂

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