story me ree


I’m wayyy too bored to do the 25 things meme that afflicts all F acebookers at some point. Probably because I have done only about 2 trillion of them in the past… but we’ll put it down to me just being that considerate of all your feelings. Or something to that effect.

Rather, I’m dusting off what stories I have finished way way in the past – and putting them up here. Since Alice seems to think that such stories should have easily accessible comments, I’ve enabled that as well. Please, take some time out of all the other pointless you do while reading this blog and tell me what you think. Meanwhile I can go ahead and actually try to finish some of the remaining stories in my trove.

Unveiling: Infelicity

This is somewhat spruced up now, though I do demonstrate a tendency to be glib when I don’t need to. Its an old habit.. something I realized while writing ‘That First Look’. I love making tongue-in-cheek comments. Why do you think I attempted ‘Life Sucks’? (Which could have probably been a lot funnier) But then lectures can be a tough place to write. Which brings me to the point that this too was written during engineering and was one of the longer efforts I made. Usually my attempts have be restricted to the 40 mins (or something like that) that my lectures were. Could have been an hour too. I don’t remember sitting for too long. More to the point, this was written over many many lectures.. weeks in the making. I believe the fact that I wasn’t sitting for as many lectures could have something to do with the ‘weeks’ part of it. Nothing to do with the amount of thought that went into it. Trust me. Most of it was impulsive, letting the pen run as it pleased.

Should try that again sometime. I also tend to talk in short sentences which lack nouns and so on. This is probably something I need to work on too.

Anyway. enjoy. Seriously. I really like the feeling of satisfaction this story gives me somehow (post writing, not post reading). Not too many stories do that. Oh, and it may be long too. Just letting you guys know.


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