just to get a post up here..


Guy Ritchie + Robert Downey Jr. + (my all time hero) Sherlock Holmes = I can’t wait for 25th December 2009.

Damn, that seems far. Will have to satisfy with Ms. Fox bending over and, of course, Mr. Taratino’s next.

p.s. Even in spite of these, somehow this year seems thanda compared to last years deluge of big budget big-ass great movies.


4 thoughts on “just to get a post up here..

  1. SEV

    I dallied between ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Angels and Demons’ – and got frustrated with Dan Brown’s poor plotting rather than bad science from Star Trek. Guess I should chosen wiser 🙂

  2. haven’t seen anything other than wolverine so far…missed terminator,angels n demons,star trek…will mostly skip harry potter and will go n watch transformers…megan fox…booyakasha

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