keeping in the spirit of sporadically posting random updates for the sake of it


Yes, I know that’s a long title. Looooooooong.

I appear to have run out of things to say on this site. Every day is like a new deadline. Its been 4 days since you last posted. Its been 5 days since you last posted. Its been 7 days since you had something original and new to say. And then the tension mounts. Maybe I’m out of creativity. Maybe I should have written more when I had the chance. I knew I would eventually run out of ideas. Should really have forced myself into it. Parallels are drawn to random things such as photography. Sucks that you’re killing off stuff you should be improving. You really need to discipline yourself. Your research will go the same way. You guys really don’t want to know what comes next into my head. Not pretty.

But then every day is a challenge to get something or the other done in research (which may not always work), watch something interesting online (currently Star Trek T.O.S. again, since House M.D. and Scrubs are over for now) , and read something good (currently Gaiman’s The Sandman and have to start an Archer). And of course, movies. The list extends to infinity now. I have a complex formatting and color-coding on there, one of the few things I actually think I did pretty smartly. Miscellaneous other activities have to be in there as well, making the day pretty damn full.

Before I go onto other topics, I’ll say it out loud. Angels and Demons (the movie) sucks. The book was half-assed anyway, but a pacy read. I could overlook obvious stupidity like I did with The Da Vinci Code (which I did not watch, now I know why). And did they do a good job of ensuring the movie is a monumental exercise in irritating stupidity. For example, all deadlines can only be reached within 5 minutes of the end-time. Heroes and villains likewise have no issues recovering from really big explosions and/or major life-threatening situations within a matter of seconds. The supposed villains are so cheap they only fax over their logo – no killing/branding unnecessarily for them (like in the book). The fact that they actually use their own name for their “secret society” tells you how half-assed the source material is.. but anyway.

In other news, I manage to get away to India for a bit soon. I didn’t manage to make the big family wedding (that everyone else and their grandmother was there for).. but then sometimes life sucks that way too. Really really sucks. I get to be at the other awesome events, including moving a little further along in my “life-partner-commitment-woohoo” plans. Which does not seem scary at all. Damn, I’m growing up. Have I said that already? Oh, and that’s the mandatory mention of something to do with the missus. Who is awesome, btw.

I’ve fallen in love with the simplicity and ease-of-use of Windows Live Photo Gallery. Import -> SD Card. Tag/folderize. Auto-rotate. People tagging/captioning. Publish -> FB. Publish -> Picasa. Simple. Everything is carried forward everywhere. M$ really knows how to make things when they really try to do something right. Office 2007 is another classic example. I know Windows 7 will not disappoint, Vista was not that much of a disappointment for me anyway. Even if I constantly discover silly niggling irritating flaws. Oh well.

Switching gears and continuing with my spate of summer movie reviews, Wolverine was average. Distinctly. Marvel really managed to ensure that one of their most mysterious characters is so boring that I looked at the watch and the rest of audience on a regular basis during the movie. Big explosion. Check. Wolvie playing Edward Scissorhands. Check. Silly pointless “betrayal”. Check. Villain mouthing cliches. Check. Jackman and Schreiber manage to make it a little fun, but barely.

Star Trek has not been watched yet. Eventually maybe. Thought I would watch all 11 Star Treks before it 😀 For better or worse, I’m not losing faith in Up. And I have zero expectation from Transformers 2, except for Ms. Fox, so that’s good too. I hear average things about Basterds though. We’ll see. Holmes is only end of the year, we have time to build up expectation for it. Then of course, Mr. Cameron’s Avatar too, but we’ll wait on that a bit (and a few more trailers -seriously, near zero publicity so far.. I’m worried that its not finished yet) before going ga-ga. Am I missing something?

I think I will add more in another post. For now I am content trying to make my advisor believe that what I finish before I leave is monumental enough that when I come back I’ll be that much closer to being done. I’m making you believe that this post signifies a blog-post on my side.. but that’s a different matter…


4 thoughts on “keeping in the spirit of sporadically posting random updates for the sake of it

  1. Galadriel

    Not bad for someone who thinks he’s out of ideas. 🙂

    Weddings missed do make you sad. But think about the research you just mentioned and you will feel better. Good luck.

  2. Wolverine, the movie, not so good ? Ah, well…the tie in game on the 360 is awesome though… 😀
    One of the things that makes me thankful for my wife’s decision to gift me the console.

  3. reshma

    we should compete. in who mentions your to-be-missus more. in blog, of course. 😀

    have a lovely india-trip! 🙂

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