compulsive domain renewal post


For the first time in 3 years we actually managed to renew our hosting plan in time to ensure that the site is still up come renewal day. I guess that’s called progress.

Welcome to year 5 of Now, I wonder if I can actually start doing something with this space other than updating people on all the movies I’ve watched since the last time I posted. Which reminds me that:

  • ‘Terminator Salvation’ proves that machines can never take over the planet coz they’re just so damn stupid. Seriously, you capture the one guy who can end everything and then don’t kill him because you have a pointless convoluted plan that can be seen to be failing a mile away. No way are you ever taking over anything. Ever. But then seeing Arnie take his first step in the future before he is sent back to the past multiple times to prevent the future from happening (and doesn’t manage to do it even once) is a fan-boy delight at a different level. 2 more movies to come (for what reason I have no idea) and then since its 20-odd years since ‘The Terminator’ it’ll be time for  a franchise reboot. Ah, Hollywood. Also, this makes perfect sense [minor spoilers].
  • ‘Drag Me to Hell’ is a return to form for Raimi and the horror genre in general. Yes I realize that the words ‘Raimi’ and ‘Ramsey’ are very close to each other. That said, for once I walked out of a movie theater feeling reasonably spooked. And I gripped my hand-rests tightly at least twice in the movie. I’m hoping for a nice dark Spidey 4 to erase the travesty that was Spidey 3.
  • ‘Up’ proves that Pixar cannot be classified as anything other than the best animation studio out there. Forget ‘Madagascar’, ‘Kung Fu Panda’ or any other random animated movie you’ve watched recently (other than WALL-E). Trust me. One of the best movies of the year (again). And 3D really adds to the experience that is a Pixar movie. Wow. Seriously. WOW. Additionally this tells you why Pixar rules quite beautifully 🙂
  • ‘Burn After Reading’ reassures me that the only Coen brothers movie I will ever be interested in will be a dark comedy of their making. The movie has everything – snide remarks, freakish situations and some awesome dialogue timing (especially J.K.Simmons). ‘No Country for Old Men’ was just so abstruse that 4 months later I still don’t get it. What was the conclusion? Why did it win anything? ‘Burn’ on the other hand: ‘I’m f*cked if I know what we did wrong. Oh well, we’ll worry about it next time..’

Now for India. And somehow finishing up stuff I should have finished a month ago before I leave. Which needs a month to be completed. And here I am writing blog posts. Toodle-oo.


2 thoughts on “compulsive domain renewal post

  1. SEV

    I’m not going to dignify that question with a remark. My point is that when they make non-dark comedies, those movies are probably the most abstruse possible.

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