india continues


I get a breather for a few days after Bangalore, Mayiladurai, Thirrakadaiyur and Trichy.. and return to the insanity of Bombay. To prepare for the next stage of insanity.

I have returned from one of the more memorable trips I’ve made recently.. most significant for opening my eyes to the world that is the real India, the India I want to return to and do something for, the India we can only hear about nowadays, the India that I only hope never dies. No matter how much we try outside the country, there is no way to replicate the uniqueness that I have lived for 3 days.

Yes, I’m gushing. Live with it while I run off to ensure the missus doesn’t run away from me.


4 thoughts on “india continues

  1. Kalyani Wakkar

    m full of hope since yesterday for few reasons…n ths blog of urs just reaffirmed it once again 🙂 thnx! n would love to read more on india from your pov!! keep it long u here?? n yea like vidya said, do put up pics! 😉

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