blog-thinking aloud part duex


Before I begin, it must be remarked that the number of suggestions on my last post is the reason this one is delayed. Why? Well, I actually had a follow up post all ready and written saying ‘Well its great to see how little you guys want to see my blog etc etc. I can’t even strike on blog-writing if no-one really cares etcetera.“… and so on and forth. But you guys actually went down the suggestion route. Which is very touching blah blah blah. And which means I need to pick, choose and figure out what is easiest/best to do.

Ah crap. I knew there was a flip-side to that post.

More than one suggestion had to do with photos, Photoshopping and so on. For those not in the know, I currently have a Flickr page which receives infrequent, but still existent, updates. And towards which I have been meaning to really start learning GIMP/Photoshop. Picasa photo editing, while pretty effective and amazing, can only go so far. I’ve been trying to work out how to have a sidebar here which flashes latest Flickr pics, but that’s not happening very easily. That aside I have decided that it is time I get done with this damn research project that has been a Damocles’ sword for the last eight months (or more maybe, I’m trying to learn to ignore it). So, learning stuff such as GIMP will have to remain until the sword is sheathed (I like that metaphor! :P) and shelved. I could hypothetically do some similar tutorials with Picasa, but the software is self-explanatory enough that such a process could prove redundant.

Another option is to pick a topic/book/movie/anything related to the list from last time and figure it out for a weekly post.  This seems very doable, given the sheer number of books/movies/comics/feeds that I follow everyday. (Yeah, I know, little wonder that sword has not been sheathed. Ha! Metaphor repeat!) Creative writing is a plan as well, but I think it may be better if restricted to once  a month. Easier on you guys to come up with things 😛

Yeah, yeah, and easier on me too.

Other suggestions included:

  • Rakhi Ka Swayamvar signifies most things that I get frustrated with on TV. Plus, the other god-awesome post at GB’s kinda took the sheen away from what I wanted to write 🙂 Maybe on the finale? Definitely, actually.
  • The missus is awesome. There you go. Heh. (She’s going to kill me for that.)
  • Meta-posts, such as this one 😛

I never expected to actually have a plan for this blog after all this time. Yes, I actually expected it to meander on directionless for a while longer 🙂

It would probably have died then, but that’s a different matter.


4 thoughts on “blog-thinking aloud part duex

  1. Galadriel

    Meh. I’m actually surprised you still have a blog. And pretend-posts such as this. No wonder it’s been a year and a half nearly a year (edited by SEV: get your facts right, G!) with your research project (yes, I know the actual figures, so you can live in denial all you want, but the truth ain’t gonna change).

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