reason #32423+2


…about the not-doing-a-PhD bit.

While I work on the much more elaborate post that has had roughly 4 words added to it per day since Wednesday, the only thought that continues to resonate after seeing this article is:

You’re fuckin’ kidding me right?

p.s. reason #32423+1 (= 32424)  was when Akshay Kumar got a PhD. Just FYI.

p.p.s. Alternate title for this post could also have been ‘non-post #945353466’. Just so you know.


7 thoughts on “reason #32423+2

  1. SEV

    @Jet: Shilpa Shetty already got hers from the UK. The US is not far behind – Ms Sherawat recetly got honorary citizenship of LA.
    @Ray: Current historical precedent points to 2 ways: (1) a few years of backbreaking “original” research, (2) a few years of delivering hit movies. Take your pick 😛

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