adobe SUCKS


Step 1: Get notified that Adobe Flash Player must be updated on PC to overcome (one if its many) significant security flaws.

Step 2: Be shown page to download and install latest version of Flash player on computer.

Step 3: Click ‘Allow’ in Firefox.

Step 4: Sudden pop-up of ‘Adobe Download Manager’, which distinctly shows that Mc-f*ckin’-Afee f*ckin’ virus scan is installing for no apparent reason.

Step 5: Open Firefox to see getPlusPlus something  installed as a (1) plug-in, (2) extension. Yes. Both.

Step 5.5: Find link on update page that shows that McAfee is installed by default now. NO mention of f*ckin’ getPlusPlus BTW.

Step 6: Curse and wonder why Adobe Flash is used by the planet at all while uninstalling all the crapware because of upgrading Adobe f*ckin’ Flash f*ckin’ Player.

Step 6.5: Find entry for Adobe Download Manager (aka getPlusPlus) in ‘Add/Remove Programs’. So that I can easily install Flash. F*ckin’ Flash. A <1MB download.

Yes, Adobe f*ckin’ sucks.

Don’t even get me started on Adobe f*ckin’ Reader. That’s just bloated crapware – way too many ‘f**ks’ needed.

Update: Thanks to Wraith, there are links to get the damn thing without cursing.

Update 2: Thanks to baddra, a solution to never use Flash again (at least on YT) as well.

Update 3: Check a comment by Tim (below) to remove ‘getPlusPlus for Adobe’.

Update 4: My current method for updating Flash is to :

(1) uninstall it, (2) restart Firefox just to be safe [though you shouldn’t need to as of v3.6.4], (3) check Firefox plugins menu to make sure no Flash exists, (4) go to, (5) get prompted to install Flash, (6) allow Firefox’s automated plugin installer to install Flash, which should then be the latest version available.

This circumvents any attempt by Adobe to put crapware on the computer via their installers. Even the file(s) provided by this page do not necessarily update Flash to the latest version properly.


19 thoughts on “adobe SUCKS

  1. All true… except I think you missed the fact that there was a checkbox on the Flash download page for that McAfee trash (that should never be used… ever) which I instinctively unchecked. My distaste for Adobe grows.

    • SEV

      Yes – I realized that later. Much later. I’m pretty sure I deselected it, maybe I accidentally re-loaded the page after?
      Anyway, don’t see why I should have Adobe Download Manager installed. At all.

  2. Adobe has this idea that they rule the software market. They make shit products that are bulky and try to take over and sabotage your system. They also think that having all sorts of custom GUI is a fantastic idea. Not so fucking fantastic for those of us who want to start and use the program in under a minute. In photoshop, it would take a full minute to start up, and that is with relatively few fonts to load. Bullshit. Get rid of the dumbass gui effects and add some less shittiness. I hate Adobe’s stupid download manager. Why can’t they just let you download the setup file without having you go through this long process of downloading download manager plugins for your browser. I don’t know whats up with my flash player, but if I right click on a flash game at all, it freezes my entire system, and it takes away my cursor. Why should a fucking browser plug-in freeze your system and steal you cursor. Another thing about flash player is that is takes an assload of resources to run. Whenever I watch a flash movie, my laptop gives my third degree burns on my lap. Adobe reader… holy damn. The mother of shit. Actually the hole PDF format in general is a dumb idea. Adobe had a brilliant idea. They thought, “Why don’t we make Adobe Acrobat slow as hell”. While everyone liked that idea, they figured that might hurt their business. So another Adobe developer was like, “Why don’t we add cute little icons to Acrobat, that way the user won’t mind how shit-mollasses-slow it is”. They obviously went with this idea. And trying to print a text only PDF is a nightmare. It treats a fucking text document as if it were an image. I would rather hand copy the document on a piece of computer paper in my own blood, scan the fucker and print that instead of printing in Adobe Acrobat. They don’t care about their market, because their market is in their pocket. The flash and PDF formats are too wide spread and standardized to do anything about it, and Adobe knows this well, and the companies that are dumbass enough to buy the professional version of Acrobat figure they might as well use it. So they will continue to make shit products with “special” GUI madness that break when the next version of the os comes out. Hopefully Microsoft’s Silverlight will catch on, because Microsoft does care about its customers. They don’t monopolize on every software they produce. They even offer some free products for developers. Yeah, they care about the developer, and realize that products gain momentum when developers have free access to make things. I want to become a CEO just so I can have my company not use adobe products. ever.


    • Makers Mark

      Sorry, the concept that Microsoft is somehow different to Adobe makes my head spin. Every you just said applies equally to Windows/Office as anything Adobe have done. They even stealth-install Microsoft DRM and .Net assistant in FF. I think MS taught Adobe everything they know.

  3. I blogged about this issue and I have links that I have placed on my blog that reference an obscure Adobe ‘technote’ to resolve this issue.

    Basically it provides links for the ‘direct’ setup file download, without the crapware.

    I only received this link direct from Adobe after bitching at them via e-mail.

  4. BeBop

    You are far too kind to Adobe, the great Satan. Actually the Muslims should focus on the Adobe Satan to keep themselves occupied.

  5. Tim

    I uninstalled flash player. Adobe Download Manager is not listed in Vista’s “Control Panel>Program and Features”. Yet I still have “getPlusPlus for Adobe 16244” listed in Firefox Ad-ons window under Plugins tab, even though I disabled it. It is annoying can not find this fire anywhere.

  6. Tim

    OK I found out this is the file responsible for “getPlusPlus for Adobe 16244” appearing on Firefox Plugin list.

    C:Program FilesMozilla Firefoxpluginsnp_gp.dll

    To remove it, I first closed the browser then, moved all the DLL files in “C:Program FilesMozilla Firefoxplugins” to a temporary folder on my desktop, restarted Firefox and the plug in is gone. Checking the properties of np_gp.dll tells me

    File desciption: getplusplusadobe16244
    Type: Application Extension
    File version:
    Product name: getPlusPlus for Adobe 16244
    Product version:
    Copyright: Copyright (c) 2009
    Size: 30.1 KB
    Date modified: 9/3/2009 10/53 AM
    Language: English (United States)

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