i’m only two days late for something i nearly forget every year


..and to think that I put in a reminder on my RTM (which I, obviously, ignored).

5 years. 5 years. 5 years.

Yes, yes, I actually repeated the same phrase thrice with formatting changes. Here’s a fourth:

5 years.

I really can’t get over that figure. Have I really have been writing consistently for that long? I had that many things to talk about? Ok, maybe not consistently. Ok, maybe I’ve not always talked a lot. However, the fact remains that this blog will soon have been around for a little more than 1/5th of my own life. This blog has seen posts about many things. Random meanderings which even I can only barely follow today. Personal milestones and musings inspired by those milestones. Feelings and reflections due to books, movies, music and what have you. Views on anything and everything. Frustration. It is an interesting collection of the way my brain has shaped itself over a few years. Makes me wonder why I didn’t do something similar even earlier in my life. Would have been interesting to read what I was thinking about at age 15. I doubt it would have lasted this long. This space endures. Somehow.

The last time I posted about such a milestone I was at 602 posts. Now we’re at #675. It has stabilized at roughly ~6 posts/month over the past year. And that number doesn’t seem to be going anywhere higher or lower, despite my public outcries to the contrary. Meaning 1000 posts will need at least another 4-odd years, assuming I continue at my current rate of posting. I want to say that this can happen faster, but who knows?

Five seems like a significant milestone. Should I be doing something special? Play a trick? Jazz up the place? Throw a party? Incidentally I did kinda-sorta party for Windows 7 last week. Got a Windows 7 Ultimate Edition for my effort. There was bowling, pubbing, bakwaas-ing, and finally sitting in a coffee shop and reminiscing. Sounds like a party to me.

We’ll pretend it was a two-in-one party for now.

Happy Anniversary, blog.

Hopefully it doesn’t mean you’re closer to dying – like it does for the rest of us.


10 thoughts on “i’m only two days late for something i nearly forget every year

  1. kanchan

    5!! Baccha bada ho gaya 😛

    Jokes apart, 5 is quite something. Congrats.. and happy blog anniversary.

    Can I crib just a lil bit? Please change the header pic.. its been there since ages.

    • SEV

      I have been putting off updating my theme for a while now.. hopefully I’ll take the time out and do it this weekend 🙂

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