amazing avatarAvatar is a mind-bogglingly spectacular extravaganza, proving Cameron has truly reinvented cinema as we know it.

I can only hope it pays off. It would be sad if such movies are not made because they don’t make enough at the box office.

IMAX 3D only. Please. Don’t insult the man’s effort. No 2D. No IMAX Digital crap.



14 thoughts on “avtr

    • SEV

      Watch Avatar not for its story or dialogue, but for the amazing canvas and experience that it offers. It is a vision that should not be missed, a film that redefines barriers to filmmaking. At no point did I feel this was sheer fantasy – everything felt real, and I felt like I was right in the middle of it all.
      Once again, IMAX 3D only. A lot more movies will be coming of this type, but this is the first, and hence something mind-blowing.

  1. Alok

    I found the movie (as in story, screenplay etc.) mediocre and awfully predictable for most of the desi junta. And I think other than few breathtaking shots, 3D is utter waste.
    What is really nice is the way graphics designers have used the freedom the screenplay gives them. It was a spectacular display of art and creativity fused with stellar CGI.

    • SEV

      3D is not supposed to make CGI look better. Its supposed to add depth. You should feel as though you are watching real people right in front of you — the screen is a window to the world you are watching. For e.g. If used to make the dinosaur from JP jump out of the screen, it will be a cheap thrill that can only work every now and then. Real 3D will make everything you’re watching seem real. I got that effect anyway.

      • SEV

        Yep — all true. But then Cameron earlier made Laila-Majnu on a huge sinking ship, so sorta expected? Watching it all go down was still worth it.

        Thanks for the heads up on Ms. Rodriguez, I was wondering where I had seen her earlier.

      • Amazing artwork throughout. Other than that its just another hindi movie. Movies like this should be made. The graphic designers have done an amazing job of showcasing Pandora. Now for the masala plot.

        Characters: Hero(Mr.Naavi), Heroine(Ms.Naavi), Bad villian (The human military), Heroine ka bad bhai who doesn’t care for Mr.Naavi. Heroine ke paaltu jaanwar who do care for Mr.Naavi.

        Mr.Naavi defects (am not surprised since this is Sam Worthington, he defected in Terminator Salvation as well.), Mr.Naavi beats Villians. Villians go back to where they came from. Pandora ke janta are super happy. Khushiyan manaao, ghee ke diye jalao.
        Story is over.

        AND Michelle Rodriguez is HOT.
        Am going back to watch Grindhouse. 🙂

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