my event of a lifetime


It’s been too, too long.

Wish I had a good excuse.

Maybe this one: “Marriage does that to you.” Or even: “Things change like this after marriage.”

At the very least, marriage gives you a scapegoat that most married men will commiserate with. “Yes, yes.. I know what you mean.” Its either commiseration or a devilish satisfaction (as I saw on more than one recently married face that was turned to greet me). “Yes, yes… now you shall know what I mean! Muahahahahaha!”

I have enough things to write about that I might be able to post more often. However, the future looms close with promise of having to wait on the Mrs hand-and-foot.. so no promises.

To begin at the beginning… so much has happened that I can, at best, barely give a glimpse of the highlights as they remain with me only three weeks later. There was the preparation I had to undergo, such as going to a beauty parlor for a facial, manicure, pedicure and a haircut. (Quit laughing, you.) Its all required regulations. Have to look pretty on the day. Even if no-one ever pays attention to the groom (the video has proof of how much clamoring I had to do to get people to notice me enter). A certain amount of respect has welled for women who undergo such processes on a regular basis (along with waxing and tweezing) as the Mrs has helpfully reminded me.
More frustrating for me was not being allowed to go out. ‘House arrest’ about sums it up. They gave me some cock-and-bull story about it not being good, and took some names and so on.. but I complied. To an extent, it paid off as it meant I got to glory in the attention of the amazing number of relatives who hung around for the whole event. Until, of course, they were each called away on various other tasks they had to finish so that I could get married.
The greatest beauty by far, was the smooth syncing between everyone around. Things just happened as they should on the day. Yes, everyone involved had been planning for months in advance and so on.. and I had to live with being the guy who gets to enjoy it all happening for his sake.. but still. There is a certain beauty to see people turn up out of nowhere to get the job done. Accommodation, food, transport, luggage.. a virtual well-oiled machine cannot be a better description. Even before I could think, “What about this?”, it was already being prepared for and underway. I only wish I could appreciate such people more.

The actual event is a near-blur. Some stand out moments include the ‘kaashi yatrai‘ , the ‘thirumangalya dharanam‘ and the ‘saptapathi‘ (decent precis of everything in a Tam Bram wedding here). In the ‘kaashi yatrai‘, I finally felt like a groom. The vadhyar had done an awesome job of tying my ‘panchakatcham’ – which also has to be the most comfortable male dress ever. I really didn’t want to take it off. Back to the point, at that point it felt as though I was king of the world (I guess in terms of the ritual, I sorta was too — they had to offer me the Mrs. to stop me from walking away :P)

Tying the knot around her neck (‘thirumangalya dharanam‘) really felt like the culmination of a long, long journey. I could reminisce here about the first time of the many things that make up a relationship, and so on and on… but those are details that shall remain shrouded in the mists of time. The Mrs was looking like a dream at that point – one I won’t forget – the feeling of first taking her hands in mine and then being guided to tie the knot suddenly made me realize the responsibility I was so naturally able to take in my hands. As I attempted to make hazy sense of ancient Sanskrit during the  ‘saptapathi‘, (something struck me about the part of only holding hands with each other until the ‘saptapathi‘ was completed), so many thoughts, feelings and words were jumbling up inside me… its hard to elucidate. There was elation, there was some part of me that wanted to yell out to each one present what I was doing… there was also some vague realization of how there were so many people there – all so happy to see me (and her) go to this next phase of our lives… there were memories of days past, there were flashes of what might happen in days to come.

Right. Back to the more warmly sarcastic tone of this blog.

Or the gloating one in which I tell you that I spent my birthday in conjunction with my honeymoon.

Most. Awesome. Birthday. Ever 😛

‘Nuff said.

More generic India observations next time.


22 thoughts on “my event of a lifetime

  1. Aye, welcome back and wishing you a happy married life, peace, prosperity et al 😀

    Must say, I admire the dedication with which you and your missus blogged, FBed in the middle of a wedding and honeymoon!

    And yes, your missus did indeed look like a dream!

  2. Galadriel

    Conveniently left out the fact that we were both under medication throughout the honeymoon eh? 😛

    Wonderfully written. I wish I could articulate my feelings the way you did.

    I love you, hubby dear!!

    • SEV

      Hush! “Shrouded in the mists of time” or “A golden memory that shall remain unsullied”..

      Didn’t you get the memo? 😛

  3. rayshma

    lovely post… but then, you already have your mrs complimenting you on that… 🙂
    hope to meet you guys soon! and oh yes, congratulations! 🙂

  4. kanchan

    You write a post, and your missus writes a P.S. 😀

    Welcome back.. congratulations.. er, did I leave anything out?

    And I am still tee-heeing about that parlour visit.

  5. Well.. the parlor thing definitely worked.. You sure looked “pretty” :p
    Good to see you back posting… though you might wana do away with the impending post on birthday-cum-honeymoon… 😀

  6. Daft me, how did I forget to say this earlier … that was a very beautiful post. Almost makes me want to point to it and issue ‘Kuch seekho!’ type statements 😛

    And also, you did indeed look very pretty 😀

  7. Jay

    This thing I second, however good you look, the bride always gets all the attention 😛
    And I haven’t still been “the” person in a function but even being a part makes you realize the sheer number of people you are related to, makes me feel life was worth it 🙂

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