of savita and sacrilege


‘Tis a little hard to come up with a good way of intro-ing topical posts, while including my own snarkiness in the mix.

Nevertheless, here goes nothing.

It sort of splits up.. oh, you’ll see.


The infamous Savita Bhabhi was moved to the more focused Kirtu.com. Yes, focused. Only pr0n comics of Indian origin. The market has been created, it is now time to really take advantage of it. Eh?.

What will it cost me?
For all our loyal fans, we have worked out a very special offer today. If you signup this month, you can become a Kirtu.com exclusive member for only 9.95$ a month. This offer will only be available for the first 100 members, so hurry. Once this offer is over, new members will have to pay 15$ per month.

Yes, its paid. Paid. The desperation of the average Indian male may convince him to loosen his purse strings, while he loosens his pants.

They even have “sneak peek” comics on the front page for those of us who want to make sure that Savita’s “class” has not been lowered (or raised, depending on your POV) as a result of asking us to pay for it.

This paywall happened over 2 months ago. Well before all the hoopla regarding partial feeds recently. That they’ve not taken down the paywall probably means that at least a few people have shelled out. And thats all it takes to keep the site running, really.

After all, how many ads can you target to the average desperate f*ck?

That’s rhetoric, stop answering. And no, I’ve not subscribed. I wouldn’t have even if the Mrs didn’t exist. I prefer my pr0n to be free.

At the other extreme of India, from a couple of months back, the front page of TOI that is alongside stares at me in the face.

[Link to TOI, TOI.com article]

Lets see. There was once this guy who decided to petition that photo ID cards need not have proper photos of the person being ID-ed.

He told people around him, and they agreed that it was a good idea. He then petitioned.

Nobody tried to reason with him that the EC and High Court judgments already made on the matter multiple times actually made sense. Due to the beauty of democracy, he was allowed to file petition and waste the Supreme Court’s time with the matter.

His argument?

Counsel for petitioner M Ajam Khan had contended that asking ‘purdah-nashin’ women to lift their veil for being photographed would amount to sacrilege as their photographs would be seen by many men working as polling agents and electoral officers.

Well truly. Women’s passport IDs being seen by men. Sacrilege indeed.

The SC told him to stop acting like an idiot, and think about what he’s asking them to agree to. Which resulted in:

When the petitioners again insisted on protection of the religious sentiments, the bench said: “If someone comes to vote in a burqa and the photograph was also taken with a veil covering the face, how would anyone identify the voter?’’ Explaining that right to vote was only a statutory right and not a fundamental right, it said: “Right to contest an election is an extension of the right to vote. Can anyone contest an election saying a photograph of her face be not taken?

[Emphasis mine]

To me that last underline is a goldmine. Imagine, if you will, the world where burqa-clad women can vote with burqa-clad IDs for burqa-clad women who are standing for office.

We’ll never know who won and due to whose vote. Ever.

Actually, that may be an improvement to what we have now. Just sayin’


And thus:

Savita Bhabhi walks into the voter office, wearing a burqa (Why? The first four times she left the house unclad – without a burqa, perverts – she ended up with (in order): the milkman, the sweeper, the man at the corner waiting for a bus, and the bus conductor. Realizing that the only way out is to ensure that the average Indian is not titillated more than necessary, she adopts her “disguise”). The voting officer won’t let her vote without removing the burqa. Savita resists. He insists. She resists more. He insists more. She gives in, misunderstands, and takes off the entire ensemble, burqa and all. The officer yields to baser instincts and the polling booth cover, for a change, houses two people for a while. Unknown to her, the polling booth camera films the whole sequence. Which is then sold on the internet via Kirtu.com for $10 a month. Meanwhile the SC has to contend with the plethora of cases petitioning to allow no heterosexual acts in voting booths as it would amount to sacrilege, even if the woman in question is Savita.

Savita is just sad that voting happens once every 5 years. Piracy is easiest to combat when new content can be released on a regular basis. There are only so many milkmen, neighbors, and cousins that one can take advantage of.

Meanwhile, a frighteningly large number of voting officers are hit on by homosexuals. For god knows what reason. Maybe just because they can.

Actually, making Savita the poster girl for encouraging voting (Savita saying “I voted”, while licking her thumb) might be one of the more brilliant ideas I may have had.


4 thoughts on “of savita and sacrilege

  1. Siddharth

    Come on man.. Who’s responsible for the clean up of the voting booth later if its visited by horny men looking to re-enact the episode, minus the voting?? :p

    Btw, Kirtu being a premium site is just plain sad 😦 It might be a good idea to launch our own start-up project to compete with it… what say? 🙂

    • SEV

      Hm, we’re in trouble if we start talking about cleaners.. given Savita’s reputation with sweepers 🙂
      So, its clear I can write the stories/dialogues galore — all firmly with a sense of humour of course (our selling point). We need an illustrator. Game? 😉

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