pulling another one out of the hat


Well, I’m too lazy to sit and write a post even though I have 15 drafts sitting in the relevant folder. What I am going to do instead is post one of my random efforts at attempting something different with writing.

Presenting: A Little Less Conversation

Of course, in hindsight, I realize that this could very easily be made into an (extremely short) skit. But the challenge was having only conversation as a story, and nothing else. And yet ensuring that the reader knows who’s talking about what at every point. It’s a tough nut to crack, and I admit that I only partially succeed.

This is one of those stories where some info from you guys on what could be done to improve the understandability of the story would be awesome.

And for the record, I wanted to put up a post saying that this is the end of staying.cool (for the big day). But couldn’t go through with it. Such is how much I enjoy this blog. You guys are so lucky.


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