power… extreme..treme..treme..eme..me..e.


Core i7-930. 6 GB DDR3 RAM. ATI Radeon 4770. Dual screens.

All of you please: Die with envy. For my sake. Thx.

Sorry, now I have to get back to playing with it.


11 thoughts on “power… extreme..treme..treme..eme..me..e.

  1. kanchan

    Yeah, am commenting from heaven. 😉

    P.S. Did you know, heaven being what it is, they have much better configs? 😛

    • SEV

      You went to heaven? Or are they masquerading hell as heaven so that the eventual suffering can be magnified? I would check again. They’re probably running Win95. And use dial-up. And have everything locked down so that you can’t really use that config properly.

    • SEV

      Mine got a tad expensive as I went i7. Still considerably cheaper than a laptop with similar specs/pre-assembled PC.
      However, if you go for a Core i5-750 (~$200), you don’t sacrifice too much in terms of power.. and it will definitely be wayyy cheaper (as the compatible mobo etc are cheaper). Else, AMD’s top processors are all 2 years.. this chipset should be able to take the next gen of hexacore processors.
      (Of course, that last point is weak as we don’t know whats going to happen in that period with CPUs.. but I can only hedge bets based on what I see the trend to be today)

  2. Ashish

    You already know my opinion is about your system. This, actually, is not about the actual post…its about the title..didn’t know you loved Centurions as well. 😉

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