twit twit tweeet


I’ve jumped in headfirst. Tweeting. Left, right and center. Yessirree Bob. Yada yada yada. Srsly.

And now to repeat things I’ve heard before (for eons) but which have dawned on me as actually making a lot of sense.

So yes, this post might be a bit dated for some of you.

At first, I assumed that my approach on Twitter would end up similar to my “stalking” approach on Reader (via Twitter RSS). But Twitter demands interaction in a way that few services do. I now see a hundred limitations in Google Buzz — filtering being the biggest one. My Twitter stream is pretty nicely sorted by default, and clients such as JournoTwit make it even easier to organize what I want to see and how I want to see it. Clients are another big advantage — I access Twitter using 3 different methods, none of which require me to have a tab open for Twitter 24/7. Sharing is a different matter, thanks to bookmarklets sharing to any service is insanely simple. One does feel like syncing shares across services.. but I’m not really sure I want to do it. I think people who see my shares will end up being the same on both. For now, I think I will limit myself to sharing using only Reader while RTing with Twitter. Explicit sharing of the same content on both will be avoided. And finally, the length. Buzz/Reader posts are long, demand a certain amount of attention while reading. Little wonder about the number of unread RSS items in my Reader. By virtue of being insanely short, tweets can be zipped through. I used to wonder how people kept up with more than 50 people on Twitter. Its actually insanely easy.

What do I have to say that has not been said before, though?

Probably not that much, really.

Do I still think 140 chars is not enough? Yes. In a way, though, it is a curse.

Doesn’t brevity help? Probably prevents long-winded posts such as these. Encourages to-the-point posts that have the maximum information content possible. The problem is that you can very easily start thinking about everything in terms of only those 140 characters. I wonder if I will give up blogging and move to just storing my tweets here? Hopefully not. Essentially though, you end up sharing a quick link with a quick comment. Going through a thought process like this to see where it goes is just not possible.

While I’ve moved my stalking onto Twitter directly, I’m holding out on my news and my sharing yet. My news is something I’m trying to look at only a few times a day (unsuccessfully).. something I’m learning to do for Twitter too. And the biggest advantage of Reader is that I do not have to click through to see anything. In 90% of the cases, full-text feeds exist. I do not want to be checking my Twitter feverishly trying to figure out what is going on somewhere in the world. It comes back to what I was saying the other day: eventually Twitter is yet another service that one has to sign into and track. FFeed could have done it, but was not adopted enough, and is now dead. Buzz seems better, but will always be too noisy without better filtering option (or as they call it nowadays, curation). I’m waiting Google. Please make it easier for me to do my online content consumption.

On a final note: As this remarks, the Twitter character limit allows for the dissemination of the short ideas… the thoughts too short for a blog post. And that is probably the best use for it. Any other character limit would never have worked as well.


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