the inevitable filler


If I had given it another 6 days, it would have been all of 2 posts over the last month. True writer’s block, I guess.

In past times, I’ve been able to resort to movie reviews, memes, random thoughts on tech and… you know, those items that apparently interest almost no-one but me. To fill space up. To have something to put in here.. the empty text box under ‘Add New Post’ that I have opened in a new tab every single day.

I kid you not. I’ve had this page open for one full f*ckin’ week. To no effect. Words I put down seem cliched at best. Lamenting the lack of inspiration. Lamenting the lack of time. Lamenting a deadline.

Y’know. Something similar to what you’re reading. Right now.

Well if its to be a filler post, a filler post it shall be. No point delaying the obvious.

  • Twitter twitter, tweet tweet twe– : As I knew would happen, post the initial high-throughput tweeting that happened after joining the damn site.. things have dulled, to say the least. A large portion of my tweets are RTs, to my frustration (I might have mentioned this in an earlier post, come to think of it). Original content comes rarely… mostly because I really don’t have that much to say. Life is not so exciting as to make things like free wifi interesting enough to tweet about. It feels like I’m not exploiting the service as much as I should or something, but I have no solution in mind.
  • Lights, camera, action!: The dullest summer yet as far as new movie releases go. Iron Man 2 was worth it for the phenomena that are RDJ and Scarlett (double props to Scarlett)… but that’s been about it, really. Even on the Hindi movie front. Whether we talk of good movies or awful/awesome movies. There is the highly anticipated ‘Raavan’ to come.. we’ll see what happens. Frankly more interested in ‘Raavanan’ due to the Vikram factor, tho. Testament to how dead the summer is movie-wise.. not a single movie comes to mind from the past month-and-a-half. ‘Inception’, ‘The Expendables’, ‘Scott Pilgrim’ are still yet to come.. so things may look up. We’ll see.
  • Dim lights, remote, sofa: Thanks to an awesome Sony Bravia EX308, I’m slowly making inroads into my massive to-watch movie list. And I’m worshipping the Netflix ‘Watch Instantly’ feature (baked right into the TV). HD movies right in my living room! Including those random foreign selections that I keep looking for. TV serials too. See, movie studios? Piracy is so easily avoided when you make it easy to do things legally. I want to say that your 28-day moratorium on Netflix acquiring your new releases is a bad thing… but for the kind of online content made available in return, I’d say Netflix got the better deal. OK, getting too niche, moving on. Am I going to review any of the movies I’ve watched? Possibly only to say that ‘The Hurt Locker’ deserved every accolade it got. And ‘Death at a Funeral’ is pretty damn insane.
  • Tchuk-chuk-click: Despite owning my most awesome computer for a while now.. no games have made their way onto it! In fact, I recently realized that my 6-month hiatus from having a proper powerful machine has really taken a toll on how much I exploit my machine. A lot of the stuff I normally have on my PC has just not made its way onto it. Shocking for me, uninteresting for you. Will things be rectified? Stay tuned over the summer (for those who didn’t get it, the title for this bullet point is the cocking of a gun.. with an empty bullet chamber).
  • Search, search, search again: Batting a perfect game as far as paper acceptances go (on a side note, the phrase ‘batting a perfect game’ is highly misused today). But, as with everything else, at some point ‘rock bottom’ has to be replaced with ‘top of the rock’. That said, a recent experience has shown me just how much I can do something, and yet not really be bothered by the possibilities associated with it. Such is life. In case some of you are wondering why I’m being cryptic.. well.. get with the program.

5 thoughts on “the inevitable filler

  1. Writing about the mundane is better than not writing at all! I love netflix too. Now that I’ve graduated (and, currently jobless) I’ve befriended Netflix. Our PS3 is the best investment we’ve made…able to stream netflix straight to the (obnoxiously large, but much appreciated) TV.

    I’ve had the writer’s/blogger’s block as well. My solution: start a one-sentence blog. You’re not pressured to write a lot, but simply to write down a thought. Sometimes it can even be interesting. It sounds silly, but it gets you writing, at least – and it often gives me nuggets for future stories 🙂

    Alternately, try the 55-word meme. This can be inspiration! 🙂

  2. Go watch the A-team. It was the first movie this summer I clapped for after it ended. Just for the banter between the guys, the chemistry and truly engaging action scenes. There is this ridiculous scene where they are free-falling / freely falling in a tank but it works because they are having so much fun doing it. Also Get him to the Greek. Hilarious. I thought the story was similar to Funny People but who cares. Its rip roaring fun.

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