pulling things off the back-burner


I’ve mentioned the general tendency for things to remain in ‘Drafts’ for way too long around here. Take for example, my deconstruction of ‘Raavan’ vis-a-vis ‘Raajneeti’.. which was started on 2 weeks ago. And has yet to see the light of day. I don’t think it ever will now. I can only wonder about what is going to happen to my Disney/Bond deconstructions.

Yes, you read that right. Disney/Bond. Deconstruction.

I’m now going to throw my hat over the fence and try something a little more ambitious than just saying to myself “1 post a week, dude. Thats all it takes to keep your blog alive”.

*drumroll* I’m attempting a serial story. *drumroll peters away as player batteries run out*

The underlying idea, to be honest, is not my own. Its a hybrid of ideas that one friend threw at me.. another sort of fleshed it out a wee bit more. But, since then, it’s languished in my archives for nearly 7 months now.. and I think that if I start writing it, I might actually get round to having it in readable form. Which would be nice.

So, given that I’ve only barely thought out a few parts of it so far.. there will be continuity issues. You know it. I’m going to retroactively edit in case something turns up as a glaring error.

Plus, I’ve wanted to write a serial story since I was in 8th grade. You don’t want to know why. It had nothing to do with reading stories from the Womens Era magazine. Honest.

Currently, it is entitled ‘The Man Who Was’. Will update this post with the archive link for this story once I have at least one part up. As of now, it is just another ‘tag’ on this blog; assuming I complete it, I’ ll make it a proper page and everything.

Parts will be numbered. Parts will be regular, as else I lose track of all trains of thought regarding this story. Parts will.. be interesting?

Part 1 will be up later today.

Comments/feedback, as always, will be essential. And much appreciated.

Update: Link to archive.


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