I don’t want to feel it, but I’ve reached it.

Twenty-f***in-eight. 28.

Man, that seems old.

That I refuse to acknowledge it is only one of the few plausible reasons left for me not to post on time for it.

Why? Because with it comes the the acceptance of the fact that the more “grown-up” phases in life must soon be faced too.

Also comes the realization that many things have changed within me over the past few years. Focus. Cynicism. Frustration. Desires. Goals. Outlook. So much.

Funny how such things work. You don’t want to change, but you’re changing anyway. And then you feel like you don’t want to accept that you are changing. Which leads to.. a vicious circle.

Also dawned is the realization that multiple conference papers will not present/write themselves. That’s 3 years now that a birthday has seen the effect of a conference.

I wonder what 29 will bring.

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