Here we are. 5-odd years after was first launched. To announce the death of

As well as the continuation of

Such is life.

5 years ago, when Ubertechnophile (when he was still known as Cyberjunkie) and I decided that we needed our own web space, multiple factors came into play. We believed we should own space on the net. We believed we should control what we own. We thought we truly could use some corner which we could (mostly) control. We thought we should go to the next level in being online.

But most of all, we got a good deal from UKHost4U.

Most of the above has not changed. We still believe in most of those things. In the meanwhile, the internetz as we knew it back then has undergone a paradigm shift. And in all of this, web space has lost the sheen it used to have. Free alternatives, cheap alternatives, and most importantly.. viable alternatives finally exist.

Most importantly, the “good deal” from UKHost4U is no longer a “good deal”. Minorly, we can no longer justify spending the money we do for not using the features we don’t (or as much sense as that statement can make).

TL,DR: Effective immediately, is phased out. But all blogs currently hosted on this domain will continue to live. — is now moved to

Uber-T Blog — is now moved to

Life’s…. like that! — is now moved to

Feed subscriptions should be updated as follows: —

Uber-T Blog —

Life’s…. like that! —

As you can see, severeanomaly continues to live on. In some form.

As will this blog. Live on.

2 thoughts on “

  1. And here I was, wondering why you good folks are maintaining exact replicas of your blogs on wordpress. Guess I wondered too soon. 😀

    P.S. RIP,

    • Heh, was wondering how many people noticed. Took a while for import/export to happen properly.. posts are forthcoming explaining a lot of things.

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