updates galore. or something.


Given the extreme gaps between posting here, it is obvious that a series of update posts are in order.

Well, obvious to me anyway. And I’ve already written them, regardless of how bored y’all get.

So they’ll be following from here on in with appropriate gaps so you guys are not “overwhelmed” while reading them. Getting a sudden influx of blog posts here at staying.cool could prove so mind-numbingly awesome that all your minds would be collectively blown. Which we wouldn’t want to happen.

Well, to be honest with myself, it’s probably just a couple of minds. But I’m a kind, considerate person.. and I wouldn’t wish that on y’all, especially seeing as you’ve stuck with me through so much.

Just don’t say you weren’t warned.


Moving this blog to WP.com was unexpectedly time-consuming and tedious. WordPress supposedly has an “easy” one-click XML based import/export between WP-based sites. Given that the previous iteration was WP-based, I thought that this blog would be up and running in no time at all.

Until the import/export caused all my categories and tags to go missing. Among other things.

Manual import/export by the extremely helpful and patient Happiness Engineers (yes, that’s the official term) at WP.com improved things slightly. Categorization/tagging, as haphazard as it was, was successfully moved over from one site to another.

But then the photos would not show up. Among other things.

A whole day of trial and error later, we found that the awesome theme I was using on the previous site made use of a custom resizer script. A script that WP does not support (it uses HTML resizing). And so all my media was, obviously, missing.

And I was obviously unhappy. Among other things.

A few days of obsessing over the blog later, I manually moved the pictures over here (done to G’s chagrin, may I add. She felt that I rarely, if ever, spend that much time fussing over her. Which is not true. At all). In the process, I also corrected all the self linking I do (relatively easy given that ‘severeanomaly’ figures significantly in both URLs). At which point I realized my tags didn’t really make sense.

‘Among other things’ that I had lost in this import/export, I’d lost the tenuous control I exert over the OCD side of my personality when it comes to things relating to my tech. So far, it had been constrained to obsessive MP3 tagging and comic/directory organization. Seeing the tags/categories on my blog for the unthoughtful mess that they were.. a crapload more obsession over the blog happened.

As well as a crapload more chagrin on G’s part (I made up for it by obsessively ensuring her blog imported over to WP.com properly as well — including tags, categories, photos. Which she doesn’t seem to consider as just atonement. I’ll never understand women).

So, in short, quite a few days of exporting, importing, tagging, retagging, deleting, uploading, downloading, reorganizing have ensued recently. (While G continually complained. Disclaimed. Explained. Whacked-me-over-the-head-ained).

And here we are!


Going through 7 years worth of archives (which in itself gave me pause for thought: 7 years is a long time to have had this space alive, in one form or another) made me realize a single standout fact.

I really like blogging. And I really like going back and looking at my posts, years later.

Egoistic? Childish?

I never said I wasn’t.

In all that obsessing, I was watching my life unfold.. right here. I remembered what I was thinking when I blogged certain things. Talked about other things. Came to realizations (yeah, I know. These are all the reasons that people blog at all). I could see how my style of writing has changed.. in some ways for the better, in some ways for the worse.

But best of all, there were all you people who actually responded. Some have fallen by the wayside, some have disappeared.. but at different stages, an amazing variety of people have stopped by and agreed/empathized/sympathized/worried/advised. Regardless of whether I knew them personally. Whether I cared or not (I do now).

I know, the internet is full of people who are extremely knowledgeable (or gyaani, shall we say?). It just sort of boggled my mind that I met so many people through this space. Something worth blogging about, I thought 😛

And so we continue.

To be continued. Hopefully, soon.


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