its a page, its a post.. its a further update!


Y’all thought that threat of “updates soon” was all bull, didn’tcha? How does it feel to be proven wrong?

Before I get back to my usual dose of random.. one must first pander to the need to talk about having an awesome time with the Mrs.

No, this has nothing to do with  obsessively importing blogs from one place to another.

Absolutely nothing.


Its been a whole year since that monumentous monumental event. (“Monumentous” is apparently not a word, suggested alternatives include “monstrous”, “portentous”. Hm. Food for thought.)

Celebrations should have been in short order. Which we didn’t quite do on the day.

No, this has nothing to do with the Mrs wondering aloud what possessed her to marry me. And no, I absolutely do not keep congratulating myself on managing to push through the marriage before the full implications of being married to me dawned on her.

To be honest, we did do a small candlelight dinner with all the trimmings.. but nothing monumental. Mostly my fault, conferences always kill the mood around Jan-Feb. Every year. Including this one.

That said, good things come to those who wait.

I took G to Disneyworld.

Now, I have made Disney trips as a kid. And those memories remain in a rose-tinted glow of times past. But ever since I’ve known (yes, known-known) G, I’d decided that the one person who I abso-f**kin-lutely must take there is her. She has a childlike wonder about so many things (never better seen than when fireworks fill the sky). She genuinely gets excited by seeing true recreation — be it Harry Potter, Tom Sawyer, or Spider-Man . She loves Pixar movies. She loves Goofy. (Ok, ok, I added Spider-Man to that list).

Our long weekend was all this and so much more. I got to see Tom Sawyer Island to my heart’s content. With her pointing out the half-whitewashed fence. I got to thrill her with Space Mountain. Watch the random Disney shows and parades that are the hallmark of Disneyworld. Walking around the world at Epcot. ‘Illuminations’. The stunts by Indiana Jones. A live show of ‘The Little Mermaid’ (her favorite Disney animated movie, ex-Pixar). We even got to see the new Harry Potter World (the only part of that park which was worthwhile). There is a joy within me that I got to share with her everything that seems so magical during childhood.

We could only imagine going to Disney with kids. It would be an experience quite unlike this one.

Based on the kids who we saw there – infinitely more painful, for sure.


A move from Symbian to Android has happened. And the realization of just how easy Google makes it for you to put your life in their hands and hope for the best. Just sign in. It all comes into your hands, literally (assuming your phone is in your hands, of course.. ok, bad joke). Your email, calendar, tasks. browsing history. Browsing suggestions based on the hundreds of searches you do every day. Map locations based on what you’ve Google Mapped. Data from the cloud (Dropbox, Google Docs). Sign into social services, and suddenly all your friends’ details are just there. Literally, feels magical (blame all use of the word ‘magical’ on Disney. There, everything is magical. Even the bathrooms).

G and I did the “married-couple” thing of having our phones be the same model. She was that taken with Android when I test-drove the phone for a couple of days. And now, a month later, its replaced her sporadic use of the computer almost completely. Facebook, email, RSS, gaming.. it’s all on the phone, baby.

But one of the things that just blows me away is how much she loves using the phone. How very cool she finds nifty features like walking navigation with accelerometer support. Yes, I know I’m lucky. And she’s awesome. So there.

So far, the only reason to connect the phone to the PC was because wi-fi syncing of music was not perfect, kept dropping songs (Hello, Amazon Cloud Drive/Google Music). Heck, while playing movies, I actually control my PC from my phone now.. using it as a remote, essentially.

Digital life is so completely different when you have a cloud-friendly smart phone.

Maybe you’ll be lucky and there’ll be another update. Or I’ll go back to not updating. Or I’ll start writing about other things. Be scared. Be very, very scared. No, I don’t know why I said that.

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