The Mrs has an eye for interesting events, events that she knows I would never stir myself for… simply due to my laziness. And so, I get dragged in.. and then wonder why I didn’t think of going myself.

Case in point being a recent haiku writing workshop she took us both to at our local library. Yes, my library is cool like that.

Given the sparse nature of the subject, I think it better to simply leave here the result of our efforts. The last 2 are completely original, written by us from scratch. For the rest, it was more a fill in the blanks exercise with varying levels of “blanks”.


listening closely
to the train’s whistle
we wait to get on

by the forsythia
cradled in your arm –
her eyes alight

a car door slams –
my eyes fly

watching the egret
a gilded cage

silent hallways resound
evening twilight
where are the children?

wedding ring
on his finger
but not hers


2 thoughts on “haikai

    • Somehow haikus by their very nature seem to evoke melancholy in me, more than anything else..
      Egrets.. NJ.. ROTFL.. no, that was just how the haiku was started by our instructor.

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