the one i post for the sake of posting. as usual.


Hello there, gentle folk.

What was that? Who might I be?

Why I posted here just the other day. Do you not remember? Why, yes, it was something about Amex snail mail spam. Which almost none of you appreciated, by the way.

Frivolous? You think that post was frivolous? And it’s actually been over a month since I put that up?

Well, I shouldn’t really expect you to remember month-old frivolities.

It’s the least I should I expect for ignoring you?

Come now, dear readers, surely you do believe I have been ignoring you all. Well, I have, but… and to be honest, it’s probably more ‘reader’ than ‘readers’ after my sporadic posting schedule.

For the manner in which I post, ‘sporadic’ is an understatement?

Time to look at the stats then. 11 posts in the last 6 months. 9 in the 5 months before that. Hmm.. that is.. less than sporadic.

Ok, I’m dropping the question/answer format. It’s getting irritating for me to write in that manner. I can’t imagine the irritation factor for someone reading it. I propose some updates to smooth things over between us.

Hm? I don’t owe you guys an explanation of absence?

Damn, there I go again.

Well, in short, life has been somewhat uneventful. The work continues at almost a plodding pace; such is the manner of things when you’re trying to finish up properly, I guess. At other times, it seems there are too many distractions from work, while I’m at work. A price you pay for hanging out in the same place for such a long time, I guess. Of course, outside of work.. the less said the better. I feel as though I shouldn’t have an ‘outside of work’ at this stage, but hey, apparently I do. Or maybe I’m making sure I do, and I shouldn’t… I guess. Clearly, something has to suffer. Better this blog than… work. I guess.

Can you tell I started writing this post with nothing more in my mind than the burning desire to update this space?

The summer movies watched so far have been average, without being earth-shattering. The ‘mindblown-must-post-now‘ effect has decidedly taken a back seat in what I’ve seen so far. Yes, yes, I’ve been diligent in catching all the comic book movies. I almost feel as though I’m saving enthusiasm for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. Which is not good, because (a) 3rd parts usually never measure up, and (b) too much hype never lives up to expectation.

Um, hold on now, I think I might have just done something which will piss the Mrs off to no end. And calling her ‘awesome’ in a few posts will not fix that. What could possibly cause her to react in such a manner? Why, a parental visit remaining unacknowledged so far in this monologue. Specifically, her parents (such a rookie mistake). Amongst the many, many great things that such a visit offers (such as getting farsan from Pune’s Chitale).. it allowed me to go see the Niagara Falls. And I realized that sight will be better seen when I tour Canada with the Mrs. Yes, that’s a ‘when’, not an ‘if’. Hopefully such public promises will let me get away with my faux pas.

Oh yeah, and the rest of said parental visit was pretty damn awesome too.

Now, where was I? Ah yes, random thoughts. A new enthusiasm for tech and all tech-related news appears to be rearing its head within me. Remembering that I loved tech to begin with, why yes.. that would mean that I’m obsessing a little over it in my free time. It seems as though every day is causing a sea change in the equation of the tech world. Companies are vying among themselves to up the ante when it comes to the consumer and the field. Apple launches a service in a big way, as expected. Google sees Apple and matches. Amazon raises. Microsoft bides it’s time, but is probably going to match. Yeah, at some level, that game of chess is extremely entertaining to me. Maybe I should write about that at some point, no matter how boring any of you find it.

I should probably add in books and music for good measure. While in neither space have I been discovering something mind-blowingly earth-shattering (take that, adjectives).. I feel as though I’m rediscovering old loves in a big way. Recently, I went back to listening to U2 and Coldplay (though to be honest, it was probably the trying to listen to a free album of Lady Gaga that did that to me). Synchronously, I rediscovered Tarzan. Thanks to a Kindle, I can actually go ahead and catch up on an entire series that I stopped reading 15 years ago. Why did I stop reading it? Me? Kiddish? No way. Back then, it was a matter of getting frustrated with having to stare at a computer screen for hours on end. Now, of course, I never have to look at a CRT screen. Ever. Ha ha.

There is one other interesting turn of events. Which you’ll hear about before the month is up, I promise you. I’m trying to save up items for another post, as you can tell.

And since you can tell that, I’m talking too much. And saying too little. Like the title says.


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