happy birthday, blog


Because I mostly post on this day, at least, to commemorate something that really means very little in the larger scheme of things.

Because, y’know, the fact I haven’t posted here since July doesn’t mean I’ve lost all my readers.

Because this could mean rebirth?

…complete with jangling bells, lightning (but no rain), close-ups of an idol’s eyes (preferably Durga).. and rousing orchestral music. With chorus.

It could. After all, 7 is a magic number with so much significance. 007. Secret Seven. Seven Dwarves. Shichinin no Samurai. 7 Endless. 7 swaras. 7 types of catastrophes. 7 of the Valar. George’s Seven. Saptarishi. pH neutrality. Miller’s law of psychology. Even Windows 7.

After all, the rebirth of Jam did herald a world of awesomeness that never gets old.

Other than that, its good to see I’ve not forgotten the password to this place.




7 thoughts on “happy birthday, blog

  1. I commented.

    Because I wanted to comment. But didn’t really know what to comment.

    I guess that makes it a comment. As much as your post qualifies as a post, anyway. 😀

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