staying.neat for Dec 23, 2011

the face of fanboyism today
  • This article helps reiterate my point from a couple of posts back.. the days of dedicated gaming machines is slowly dying. It would be a sad day if the PS4 or the XBox4 were to be cancelled coz the companies realize that profits have dried up. Who knows, maybe OnLive will disrupt the market? Imagine, your phone (a variant of the PlayStation Vita?) plays games at console-quality, is used as a controller to play console/PC games at home, subscription games.. the possibilities are insane via The Verge| Gaming industry in transition as digital-driven revenues can’t stop market decline.
  • Now I feel like illegally downloading stuff just in case it means Wolverine will actually come after me via Comics Oughta Be Fun| To live outside the law you must be honest and have adamantium claws.
  • Being a Twi-hard is the new geek, apparently.. according to alongside infographic. And to think it used to be Doctor Who and Star Trek way back when. Talk about your sad days.

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