a year of promise.. of the next one?


It has not been the greatest of years. Which is not to say it has been the worst of years either. Neither has it been the “rocking of an even keel”, as I put it a few years ago. Hard to describe, in some sense.. but..

I guess the question is whether you believe the glass to be half-full or half-empty.

On one hand, it has been a pretty productive year professionally. Papers, conferences, presentations etcetera. Not perfect, as I’m still studying, making it 7-odd years since I finished college.. and no job till date. I sometimes wonder how much more I can take.. but then some hidden reserve of will power is keeping me going (yes G, I refer to your unbelievable patience). Personally, we’ve had our fair share of fun too, some great trips.. some great visits have all happened. All leading to some awesome memories.. memories that are somehow made all the more special for all the detail that went into them. So while the fact that I’ve not been to India in 2 years (?!) rankles, I can look back at some awesome times this year with a lot of the people in my life. Which is a lot more than most people can say, I guess.

The clearly bitter taste left by 2011 are mostly due to a fair number of shocking incidents that have occurred in the family. I won’t go into details as they’re depressing enough as they are, and I know that life sometimes deals a shit hand, but still.. not a great feeling to have them happen at all. That said, maybe this low point will only serve to accentuate a high point yet to come. Maybe.

Whether because I’m growing old/up, sundry details such as great movies I’ve watched or random gadget acquisition or even game completion.. somehow all seem so very petty. Or maybe other events are causing such things to be tossed aside. I don’t know if I’m happy or sad about such a turn at recollections, but there are times you just don’t care enough to talk about such things. This is one of those times 🙂

2012 promises so much. Professional progress fo’ sure. Which hopefully lets me move onto other things, keep some of the promises I’ve made G over the past few years. (Can you tell that the feeling of being in a rut; a desperation to get on with life has emerged?) All things I have to do something about, and not just post about here. As superficial as it may be, the thought of The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers, The Hobbit etc all being released this year somehow peps me up a lot more than it should.

And finally, here. This space. Some of the stuff I put up this year ranks very high up among my own personal favorites. Then it spluttered and went off into a coma for a while there.. but then so have a lot of the blogs I follow. To be honest, the fact this is not a drain on the wallet helped me put it aside for longer than I should have. It’s pulled me back in for now, and I like sharing stuff that I find. I know it’s probably not the most original content, all stuff easily found elsewhere.. but weren’t links the original point of blogging?

I want to say there is a lot of hope on many fronts. But in the end, its more about what you get done than what you expect to happen. Ending with that clichéd dialogue is as good as anything I can write, so I’ll leave it there.

For all of us, I really do hope 2012 is legen.. wait for it..

2 thoughts on “a year of promise.. of the next one?

  1. vati

    I am glad you are growing up and looking at life as it is. We also look forward to 2012 as an year of achievement both professionally and personally. All the best to you both!!

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