one more year before..


..the next 5 years are supposed to run away with themselves, and you’re 30 before you know it.

I said that 4 years ago. I’m not going to say “That feels like yesterday.” Coz it doesn’t. And it wasn’t.

But it doesn’t feel like too long ago..

In the past 4 years, a lot of things have changed: marriage, life, activities, pastimes, what have you. At the same time, some things are somewhat the same: the PhD, research, being a student, etcetera. I can only imagine how many things will change in the next one year. Just how much, even I don’t know yet. As I said at the start of the year, 2012 is a year of great promise.. a year of which only 25 days have passed so far. Even now, I have a sense of my life reaching a winding down stage. At the same time, there is also a sense of anticipation.. of winding up for something bigger. Bipolar? Very likely.

But as of today, I’ve given myself a great birthday present — a significant portion of my PhD dissertation (something I currently call ‘my life’s work’) is going to see publication in a peer-reviewed journal. On one hand, this is just another milestone you reach during your PhD. From my own personal perspective, this particular paper has been in the making for 3-odd years; during most of which it has been under review.. as well as constantly faced rejection. A trial by fire.. with random reviews, reviewers who just didn’t get it, and finally, reviewers who gave the manuscript it’s due.

In the end: it is my paper, a culmination of a LOT of my research, and I’m glad it’s published.

It is also my second journal paper this year. Both within a few days around my birthday (I know, I spoil myself). Hopefully, not the only two for the year.

I had a set of random goals for 25. I actually don’t remember setting any such for 30. I guess I never thought that far out. The closer I’ve gotten to it, the more I have focused on immediate milestones. Today.. By this time next month.. In the next year.. Living in the now, seeing what I have to do today. I guess you realize that beyond a point, life can be considered too dynamic to over-think and over-plan. You put in what you can best do now, and let other things pan out the way they will.

Fatalism? Not really.

More like I’m only a year away from being considered an old, married man. Might as well get into the mindset for it.

Ya damn kids.

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