staying.linked for feb 17, 2012

Every night this week

Every night this week

  • Downton Abbey = X-Files
  • More Photoshop Magic. This time I can’t quite tell how they did it though.
  • You can’t make this shit up: Government buildings, flyovers, roadside railings, and taxis should be painted a shade of light blue, a minister in the ruling Trinamul Congress government said.. Our leader [chief minister of West Bengal] Mamata Banerjee has decided that the theme colour of the city will be sky blue because the motto of the new government is ‘the sky is the limit’.. “Blue is a beautiful colour and is also soothing for the eyes,” Calcutta mayor Sobhan Chatterjee said.
    My favorite part is that this has happened before — Aurangabad was painted pink back in 2006 “to uplift the city’s spirits”. Clearly a working example.
  • Targeted advertising? You bet.
  • Binary tetris. It’s just a tweet.
  • Even more “standard” rules for designing movie posters. Oh-so-true (via kottke)
  • Whaaaa..? (I know, it’s a pretty insane vid.)
  • A relatively well-argued piece on atheism, and the journey to realizing exactly what it means (and how you can reach that mindset) set me thinking. The article itself is based on the author’s Christian roots, though I can see parallels with my outlook. I’ve thought out loud about my journey from agnostic to.. something else, but the thing is that the concepts of Hinduism are not as radical as Christianity in some ways. I need to devote more thought to the subject, it appears.

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