welcome, 2016



I won’t say that it feels as though 2015 ran away from me before I realized it. But it did see 50% fewer posts than the year before.

Honestly, at this point, this yearly update is one of the few only pieces that I remember to update this site with. I have to wonder where we’ll be in 2017.

So, 2015 1.

(You guys  probably want to read that footnote so the rest of this post is more in context)

A year that saw Raghu and myself launch a podcast, and produce 21 episodes. Take-away? We do appear to have an audience (at least I think so, based on the download stats). We seem to have found a niche of sorts2, which is a little different from where we started.

A year that saw me switch computing platforms completely. I started 2015 lamenting the state of the computing industry, and came off sounding like an Apple fanboi who believes Apple is the one and only savior of personal computing who can do it right. Plus there was that one other post last year which really brought home to me how old some of the technology I use is. So I’ve ended 2015 using an iPhone, a MacBook Pro, an iPad.. and wondering how to justify purchasing an Apple TV. Quite a flip from this perspective 3.

A year where Microsoft somewhat exited my computing existence, after dominating it ever since I remember using a computer. There was a point there, where in addition to Windows, I was all in on Outlook.com, OneDrive, OneNote, Outlook, etcetera 4. But then there was the disaster of the Windows 10 upgrade that I accidentally managed to have shoved down my computer 5. Complete with the classic error message ‘Something happened‘ when I started the upgrade.

A year where my preference has switched to being apps-based with the cloud/Internet comprising the backend, rather than work out a way to channel it to a central email-based workflow or just do everything in a web browser. Maybe I’m just tired of getting email. Or maybe this is what Apple OSes encourage 6. Either way, a vast majority of what I do is now within apps instead of a web browser. Even this post.

Enough tech.

A year where I didn’t write any fiction at all. Or post such fiction to this blog. Can I excuse.. argh, f*** it. Moving on.

Maybe movies?

A year where the stand-out Hollywood-produced movie I’ve seen has to be ‘Inside Out’. Sure ‘The Force Awakens‘ was great nostalgic fun, and ‘Avengers 2 ‘ was reasonable.. but ‘Inside Out’ was something special. The way I described it to anyone was that it was an animated movie for parents. So much resonance with the many layered concepts that movie explicated with regards to child/parenthood. About life, in fact. Lovely 7.

A year where Bollywood yielded a ‘Badlapur’, a dark noir tale of revenge that does not compromise in any way. Further established to me that Varun Dhawan is a force to watch out for (he was even watchable in the eminently unwatchable ‘Dilwale’, alongside Kajol). Honorable mention to ‘Ugly’ (even though it is a couple of years old). Even darker, even more unrelenting.. a complete slamdunk of movie-making at its best. And by Kashyap, no less.

A year where I finally finished (and loved) ‘Breaking Bad’ early on, but my “TV” pick would have to be Aziz Ansari’s ‘Master Of None’. His comedy takes some getting used to, but what a show. Perfectly encapsulates so much about Indians in America. I will admit though, that Doctor Who Season 9 very nearly superseded this pick o’mine. Capaldi really owns the role of The Doctor in the modern era in a way I have seen few actors pull off. And I’m going to hate it when Moffat leaves someday as showrunner. Pray that day is far, far away.

A year where I steadily progressed into primarily listening to audiobooks (I blame my listening to podcasts for the transition).. but cannot definitively pick a particular book. I plan to up the ante in the coming year, one has to hope that I have a pick (not to mention a yearly update post), come next year.

Do I have any thoughts for what 2016 will bring? Again, I know of interesting events that are supposed to happen. Maybe even.. developments.

If nothing else, 2015 has taught me that I’m at the stage in life where things happen, some of which can even be said to be notable.

But the way you play it is: hold on to that hat, and enjoy the ride as it comes.

  1. One could believe that this post is talking about the only important things in my mind when it comes to 2015. Or that these are the only memories I take away from this past year. Both of which would be pretty sad. Far, far from the truth. As the site “evolves” (ha ha), memories get harder to explicate.. some of which are better cherished deep deep within, to be revisited in daydreams alone. Complete with golden hues and sentimental music. I guess I’m saying that we’ll leave this place a tad more superficial than we found it, okay? 
  2. I haven’t summarized it so anywhere else yet, but what the hell: “Desi tadka for pop/geek culture” is where it’s at for now. 
  3. Though, incidentally, I did post this too. So, maybe not so much. 
  4. Heck, I even used the “Metro” apps for Mail, Calendar etc in Windows 8/8.1. 
  5. On hindsight, eminently bloggable. Rants, frustration, you name it. Come to think of it, I didn’t even podcast about it. 
  6. Or maybe OS X is the only desktop-class OS that is actively having apps developed for it. Think about it. 
  7. In fact, may I recommend this podcast episode, which does an excellent job of deconstructing the movie. No, it’s not us Inconceivables. 

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