the central character of the pretender, he was the uber-cool techno-geek that i became an instant fan of while in college. obvious drama be damned, his brand of being smart enough to be anyone was, and still is a dream.


prof john


a legend amongst biology students in bombay, i had him as a teacher for 2 straight years. his perfection, however, only matched by his eccentricities. his diagrams are still etched in my head, having to do them a 100 times.




showed his propensity for being a computer whiz in school.. and really followed it up. one of the reasons we AVMites have not completely fallen apart. luckily, we’re ending up close by in the states, it should hopefully be fun.




owner of an unfortunate nickname (KC), even today. he had the brains, the ethic and the skill.. but managed to rub people up the wrong way. a great attitude though, and so, today, we have a functioning alumni cell.




a big smile, and a great attitude: a real babe, and the reason we had a girl’s basketball team.. i’ve only ever called her ‘shetty’. incidentally, one of the first girls i made friends with, or who actually chased me 😛




one of those people you meet in college, and hit it off with much later. much later. another orkutian discovery, i wonder why we never really talked earlier. especially with so much in common. introvert and repartee-r… the list grows.




worked on and off at my place, and eventually replaced shashi when she left. bewilderingly short, a smile you remember, and an ever-ready helper. i don’t think my mom could have survived without her. or can. or any of us.