skip week


As much as I’m sure you are all waiting with bated breath for the next instalment (and I’m sure no-one is breathing, given the deafening silence my last 3 posts have generated).. this week is a skip week.

Unlike all the “cool” blog novelists, its not because of Comic-Con.. other, more esoteric deadlines beckon.

Maybe two small instalments next week. We’ll see what I can come up with.

a longer break than usual


I’ve basically reduced my posting to just once a week, and hopefully it is normally exactly once a week.

However, the next post is not going to happen before this weekend. It sucks for all you ardent readers out there, but it can’t be helped. I have a deadline I’m way overdue for now. It sucks for me too, but thats because my overfull drafts/ideas folder remains just that. Overfull. Hopefully I won’t lose inspiration in the meantime.

If you’re bored you can always check out my ‘Shared Reader‘ items (link above). Some small updates are bound to happen there at least – deadline notwithstanding 😛

And I wonder why I have no idea when exactly my PhD will get done. Sigh.