not too long ago, i decided to steal this meme


So here it is.

20 years ago I . . .
1. was in the 4th grade (Section A or E, possibly) in the Modern High School, Dubai.
2. was living in Dubai, attending Bal Vihar classes, doing my homework every night, and generally being an all round “good boy”.
3. believe I might have started using a computer properly, beginning with a typing game. (Might have been a couple of years earlier too, but its a vague memory at best.)

10 years ago I . . .
1. was between my 2nd and 3rd semesters of engineering. After those exams, and the results I achieved.. there came a number of realizations about my ability — none of them good.
2. had attended my first ever RAIT fest, Horizon 2001, as a pure attendee. Spent the night on the roads of college with none else than Erkenbrand for company.
3. knew I wanted to do something in Biomedical Engineering, but had no clue how or where to even get started.

7 years ago, I started this blog.

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bibliophilically speaking..


Stolen from here, Yes. I was intrigued enough to steal. And patient enough to fill it out. And you’re bored enough to read it. We’re all just so happy.

1. Favourite childhood book?
Somewhere between Mallory Towers and The Complete Sherlock Holmes, I think. I miss the former. I wonder if my local library has it.

2. What are you reading right now?
Friday Night Lights by H.G.Bissinger. Fables by Willingham et al.

3. Bad book habit?
Whaddaya mean, ‘bad‘?
I really don’t know what that means in the context of books. You mean, like do I indulge in Mills & Boon (ugh)? Assuming you actually find such books readable.. why would that be a bad thing, again?

4. Do you prefer to read one book at a time or several at once?
Its usually a single text-based book and a single graphic novel. I’ve tried multiple books. Fun to expect random characters in random books.

5. Favorite book you’ve read this year?
Ugh, I hate playing favorites.. even with books. Especially considering I went through most of the Foundation series, The Longest Day, A Long Way Gone and The Sandman within this year (among others). Real hard to pick one, y’know?

6. Favorite place to read?
The bus/train (commuting in general, I guess). ‘Til date, the one place I can always count on reading uninterruptedly. Plus of course, the walk to the bus stop. That takes some doing.

7. What is your policy on book lending?
I’m probably going to borrow more from you than vice versa, so go ahead.. with emphasis on the word ‘borrow‘.

8. What is your favorite language to read in?
English is the only language I really read in. I remember struggling through a 100 pages of a Premchand classic in school. It took a few months, the first couple of weeks in which I actually finished the complete works of James Herriot.

9. What makes you love a book?
Writing which elicits a spark in your brain where you know in the presence of sheer prosaic, immortal beauty.
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the 2 billionth set


Yes. I counted to a billion. Twice. Even if Ravan beat me to it.

51. Do you like coffee?
In the mornings. I prefer chai anytime after that. Long-term habit, thanks to college.

52. How do you like your eggs?
Bhurjee-style. Again, college. Again, I’ve never quite managed to make it the way they did in college.

53. Do you believe in astrology?
Nope. Entertainment value at best.

54. Last person you talked to on the phone?
Slightly smart person working at the idiotic Student Accounting Office at Rutgers. *&$%^$@#$%!

55. Last person on your missed call list?
Shivangi, for some reason.

56. What was the last text message you received?
Warsha, saying that she exists. 20c spent on something that’s free for networks. America, I tell you.

58. Number of pillows?
Two. One’s all out of shape.

59. What are you wearing right now?
Blue (unwashed) jeans, Boston tee, brown sweater, socks, Sketchers, and a jacket hangs in the background.

60. Pick a lyric, any lyric:
Yeh Dilli hai mere yaaaar.. Bas ishq mohabbat pyaaaaaaaar..

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the billionth set of random questions i answer for no reason at all


How do I put it: time for ‘Atyachaar‘ indeed 😀

1. Ever been given an engagement ring?

2. Longest relationship?
26 years with my mom and dad.

3. Last gift you received?
A very special collage.

4. Ever dropped a cell phone?
Not so much recently, since I got the E51. I remember dropping a 3310 in the gutter once, long ago. Came completely to pieces too. Pick up, wipe, dry, put together.. and it worked perfectly.

5. When is the last time you worked out?
Today is Thursday, so that would be never.
Some form of exercise did happen in early December though.

6. Thing(s) you spend a lot of money on?
Books. Movie DVDs. Comics. Games.

7. Last food you ate?
Right now, snacking on a mixture. Lunch was a Subway Sub.

8. First things you notice about the opposite sex?
Eyes. Unless it was Ms. Anderson, in which ‘it’ would meet me before she came around the corner.

9. One favorite song?
Way too many, current favourites include ‘Emosanal Attyachar‘ (fuller version, minus my favourite lines).

10. Where do you live?
Currently, NJ.

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random random random random random random


So, even though I was going to steal this tag via marie [who’s blog has “died”, btw], i actually managed to get tagged for once – this time by webkittyn. the tag has changed pretty drastically in the year or so that i have been sitting on it: its now six random things, instead of seven. woo!

The Rules:

1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on the blog.
3. Write six random things about yourself.
4. Tag six people at the end of your post.
5. Let each person know they have been tagged.
6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

wokay, since i love writing so much about myself and my feelings about everything, this should be easy.

1. i have a completely organized digital comic collection, ordered by publisher, series as well as year, when necessary (this especially applies to my spider-man collection). i have scoured wikipedia, cbr, and many many other random sites in an effort to make it as complete as possible.
no, i’m not insane, thankyouverymuch.

[ok, that one was easy. everyone knows how much i read comics, and now i can convince them that i really am insane about comics. my library membership record currently only shows comics being checked out. oh wait, that one was not meant to be said. funny i should say all this and lament saying it, when all i need to do is to delete the offending lines. ah, well. onward!]

2. i tend to watch tv serials obsessively, once i manage to latch onto something interesting. currently medical stuff seems to occupy the board exclusively: scrubs and house.

[that one doesn’t seem interesting enough to put up here. but then its meant to be random. suck it up, dear reader.]

3. i have (with a friend) examined every election “map” since 1789 (on both wikipedia and google). based on the last 30 years, you could actually say that texas is a swing state. and some elections make you feel like the opposing candidate would have wanted to kill himself after the election. i mean its more than a majority, the guy just steamrolled the opposition.

[i’m really not insane. i did not look up all past and present political parties that have existed in the US. and i know everything about indian politics. not.]

4. even if i lament the existence of rom-coms, i end up watching them anyway. for e.g.: fever pitch, sleepless in seattle, 27 dresses…

[don’t you dare call me a sissy in the comments. or a pansy. or anything even vaguely effeminate. i watch every one of them to deride them. even if i never talk about it anyone. and i even watch them alone, when requisite company is not around.]

5. i eat whole packets of sour worms in a single sitting. and lick my fingers after.

[yes, calling me a sourpuss is not funny. no combining points 4 & 5 to deride my habits.]

6. i need only about 300+ reminders for everything. things just don’t stick up there. yes, i need reminders for reminders too. this is why i love remember the milk, and have it set up everywhere.

[ok, you can call me an absent-minded genius. go on, i don’t mind.]

now, since the rules say i have to, i hereby tag Galadriel, Alok, Alice, Suyog, Kriti, and Ashish. therefore commanding them to do the tag. this is in addition to spamming their blog to tell them about it. man, do i love to mess around with people. makes me feel like a mind-controller too. score. plus, of course, i really had to cast around for people to tag. its tough. most of the people i read have either stopped blogging, or don’t care/know about my existence. not that tagging these people proves anything at all about whom i know. ok, i need to stop ranting/rambling. or not. whatever.

oh, you love me.. you really love me!


once upon a time, long long ago, in blogland… a misguided soul was misguided enough (obviously) to appreciate other souls who, well.., blogged.

because this is what is done in blogland. you blog.

now the misguidance of our aforementioned soul was true misguidance. it wasn’t guidance under a false name, false address and fake social security number. this is was real, hardcore, full-blown misguidance. (note: that most of those adjectives have ulterior meaning has not escaped my attention. the reason will follow soon.)

and so, as is to be expected, the bloglanders (not bloggers, you poor misguided unfortunate souls)… well one of them anyway was jerk enough to ignore the appreciation. and ignore the ensuing sacrilegious booing that followed. he was a jerk. such people do not deserve awards, or even appreciation.

even when it comes as a result of misguidance.

however, people can change. even in blogland. this bloglander was shown the error of his ways. suffice to say it did not involve unspeakable things to do with transformers, electronics, and other… toys. it did not involve cream and jell-o and other… items. there was some beating around the bush (figuratively, not literally), some turning of the tables (again, figuratively) and some possibly undoable actions involving… blogging.

*shudder* (note whether in pain or in pleasure is left out due to a discerning audience)

the error has been seen. the light has shone down, and angels have sung.

i shall officially accept galadriel‘s brilliante weblog premio award (awarded to me roughly a month ago). i understand that acceptance construes bestowing it ahead on another 7 of my ilk.*

this is not easy. i am not sure that 7 people exist who (a) follow this blog regularly, and (b) have not previously received it (y’see, it would be nice to have others see the light), and (c) it involves some amount of my appreciating others. i have seen the light, yes… but this step actually involves coming into the light.

the actual award(ing) function shall hence happen in a second post. it means i get to drag this out a bit more; clearly, a month is too short a timespan. and of course, if there are people who believe they should receive it (you and you don’t count.. not because you haven’t received it, but because i am still a little bit of a jerk), by all means, leave a comment. it means i will get another comment for my blog posts. score.

*and since it is galadriel, the usage of the above adjectives can be understood. if not, see here. and here. and here. and… you get the idea now, right? no? how dumb are you? i refuse to have anything more to do with you. go on, get off my blog. click the close button on top. dum dum, navigate away from here now! i can’t be seen with you on my page. go away.**
**no, actually, wait. please wait. please please. you are actually reading my blog. don’t go. please. i will give you an award. right now. a BWPA. its awesome. you get to post about it and everything. its brilliante. its an award. you’re not dumb. you’re brilliante. me, i’m just a jerk. what do i know? don’t listen to me. leave a comment. have an award. don’t leave. please?

oh, and before i forget, thank you, galadriel. very much. see ? i’ve improved even more.

literarily mine


based off certain people doing every single tag on the planet, i had to get one. she’s lucky its a literary tag, because, as we all know, i don’t have the time to do such things.

please, no drum roll. its my pleasure to bore you and insult you… all at the same time.

fatty, susie, dick kirrin, darrell rivers: name an enid blyton character i haven’t read about. these were probably my stand-out favourites… from fatty being the absolute genius that i wish i could be, to darrell being the normal freakshow that i have always related to. susie and dick are thrown in to remind myself of two teams of detectives that i still dig.

sherlock holmes: this was probably the character/book that woke me up to the world outside enid blyton. i started with a single book bought during a UK trip, to owning multiple original facsimile editions of his stories. has always been the god of detective fiction as i have known it, and ‘the final problem’, remains to this day one of the most moving stories i have ever read. every single detail, every single method he uses seems so… perfect.

marvin the robot: 1 sentence sums it up. “The first ten million years were the worst, and the second ten million years, they were the worst too. The third ten million I didn’t enjoy at all. After that I went into a bit of a decline.
big surprise.

gandalf: its a lord of the rings thing. i have to admire the scope. i have to admire the character that comes back, and proceeds to kick serious butt. but most of all, i have to admire the character that can do anything on the planet, but spends time bursting fireworks. Continue reading