there if no charge for awefomeness


Awefomeness #1: Whale watching in Boston. Pretty damn great. Watching the mother and baby whale play in the waters of the Stellwagen Bank is a little unbelievable – a sight not to be missed. The staff goes on about facts and figures and yada yada yada, but the actual sight is almost…surreal. As we approached, the baby actually breached completely, in addition to all the tail-and-fin-slapping. Something pretty rare, apparently. I would describe it, but words don’t do enough justice – and I don’t have good enough photos to make up the requisite thousand words. I can steal from a different set of photos from the time though – thanks to Gerry.

Awefomeness #2: The missus. Coming fresh off a weekend with her, it was a very close call to beat whale watching 😛

KamineyAwefomeness #3: Kaminey. Think Pulp Fiction, Lock Stock and Manmohan Desai all rolled into one. Think about attention to detail (‘Dhan ta naa’ actually has one guy singing with and one guy singing without a lisp). Think the use of ‘Fatak!’. Think about making your characters so lovingly detailed that the hero gets sidelined. Think about the pure adrenaline rush of a movie perfectly executed, and living up to every expectation you had of it. ‘Aife aife log kaife kaife ho gaye..

Awefomeness #4: Old friends. There is a comfort and a feeling there that is hard to replicate elsewhere. Even just talking about random crap. These are people I have known for nearly 10 years now, and the effect is starting to really show. There was a line that Raghu once quoted to me (indirectly) as something he wished he could have carried off while I was around. I can feel it more now than ever before..

Awefomeness #5: Boltbus. No other for me, ever. Wifi + plug-points = Insane time-pass. Massive catch-up on Google Reader. And other reading too. Vague memories of the cramped UK bus trips (and the few Chinatown buses) are banished as I luxuriated in being able to stretch my own legs freely while sitting. While sitting. Bliss.

Awefomeness #6: Coke Studio. A musical Independence Day celebration for Pakistan via Coke – where is India’s? Both seasons online – video +audio – and completely free and legal to download/watch/listen! Artistes including Rahat Fateh, Ali Azmat, Strings… in what can only be termed as jamming to their best tunes. Classy, very classy.

Awefomeness #7: I’m actually learning to take photos. At least I think so (the missus does too – but I tell her she’s biased). I can tell about settings a lot more intuitively. And I truly only feel able to take photos with a camera like mine now – trying out a simpler camera in India was hell. Score.


ice, ICE, baby


finding the image composite editor has been one of the better finds in the last few months. panorama stitching has never been so easy, and yet have enough options to get the photos together nicely.

its also gotten me back on updating my flickr. its been 6 months, its probably time i get back to playing around with photos. i must also fix my ubuntu install to work with 2 monitors, figure out how easy it is to hack my camera and my psp, and set up a new phone without it overheating on me.

i need to get back to research at some point too.

colour me wonder


colour me black, colour me white…
…never thought colours would be so right.

somehow, i have always thought of myself as the fella who would appreciate black and white over colour.

it is me after all. i love the ancient black and white movies. a year ago, one of the best films of the year for me was ‘good night and good luck‘. ‘casablanca’, ’12 angry men’, ‘chalti ka naam gaadi’… these are movies that can never be recreated in colour for me; the shadow is a character all on its own.

recently, when i started populating my flickr album, a simple observation kept coming back to me.

colour, of all things, was one of the focal points of my photos.

in every one of my photos, it was the sheer colour that made me frame that particular shot. even when editing them, i found that the colour is what attracted me to the photo the most. i have a certain amount of love for depth of field (DOF), but the one theme that hit me the most from the point of view of analyzing my own photography was the colour content.

whether it was noticing the variation in the newspaper boxes, or just the leaves in the yard next to my house; or maybe even just the confetti littering the streets; colours had cried out for my attention. i wanted to capture the small things that we miss everyday, and more lovingly, i wanted the colours that we miss on a daily basis to be the highlight.

i would never have thought it. sometimes, we surprise ourselves without even knowing it.

Mere colour, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways.” – Oscar Wilde

changing faces and places


as many who i send album invites to know, i barely ever take photos of myself when it comes to photography.. its more the surroundings, and possibly, the people around me. which can be a bit of an issue when it comes to parents (strictly mine at this stage :P) who want to see me 😀

[album removed]

given this tendency, these were a few of the pics that caught the eye.. when i was organizing the 6 gig of photos i’ve accumulated over the years. i’ve tried to restrict to purely skyline/shoreline photos.. i’m looking at evolving to the changing faces of me. joy !anyway, enjoy. if you must.