frustration, irritation and everything in between


Quoted from this article:

James Otis, the owner of the Mahatma’s items, told PTI he plans to donate most of the money collected from the auction to “worthy causes” and institutions and groups working to promote Mahatma’s ideals especially non violence.

Otis said he will “donate the items to the Indian government free if it decides to spend five per cent of GDP on the poor, who were very near to the heart of Gandhi, or announces some other scheme which would benefit them”.

See, we in India, we have  no idea what to do with all the poor people we have. We don’t really need infrastructure, what we do need is handouts for all those people who have no money. If not for the awesome Mr. Otis, collector extraordinaire, we would not have known that we were supposed to help these guys. We would be busy getting rid of them.. somehow. Forget roads, schools, hospitals, and other such useless projects. Gandhi would have been ecstatic to know we were just giving them the money. Would’ve gladdened his heart to see his stuff has been hoarded by some American who got to show them off to his friends, and then decided to “give” them back to the country they should have been with in the first place.

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to honor and pay tribute to terror… wait, what?


something is very wrong when i see multiple invites and multiple events in honor of the bombay terror attacks. in honor. i’m willing to ignore misspellings… but honor? tribute?


do not mourn the dead, do not honor an assault on india, and definitely do not say you care.

do something.

we get angry every time, we have accusations every time, we get “resilient” every time.

and 3 days later we have ministers taking filmmakers on tour of the area.. filmi dialogues being repeated.. and the news channels covering the slap on the face of the kerala chief minister when he pandered to a recently deceased leader. more on those idiots later.

blowing up. and over.


india has been victim to a blast roughly every 2 months for the last 2 years. the blasts are happening more frequently now, and more blasts have being threatened by those who have done it. in 2008 alone: rampur, u.p. – terrorist attack. jaipur, rajastan – 8 blasts in 12 minutes. bangalore, karnataka – 9 blasts in 14 minutes. ahmedabad, gujarat – 17 blasts. the word ‘blasts’ seems innocuous now.

as i write this post i keep checking the news sites as i write, dreading another news item. greatbong pretty much summarized it. we live in india with terror as a way of life. people praise the ‘spirit’. the ‘resilience’. the ability for people to get up after an explosion and keep moving. live life as though nothing has happened. is it really worthy of praise? we talk over dinner, mention the fact that [city] is already back on its feet. we make statements with a quiet pride about how quickly people were back to work, back to running around their daily routine, back to life.


we talk about how nothing has been done. how the system has not managed to get anything done for any of the victims. how none of the criminals have been caught. that this is why people have learnt to keep moving on from one blast to the next. we deride the lack of effort taken by the police, the politicians, the press, anyone. we say that we in india have no spine, we do not care enough, that we are not fit to do anything about anything. and then we continue eating and start discussing ‘the dark knight’. i do this all time, and every time i finish it hits me like a body blow.

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it still blows


it has been a year and a day since bombay fell victim to 7 blasts in 11 minutes, wounding over one thousand people; bringing the city to a standstill. it took less than 6 hours for the city to get moving again, with people using the same lines that were victim to explosions.

it has been a year and a day and less than 200 of them have received any kind of compensation, other than that initial helping hand from other people.

it has been a year and a day and seven accused men were arrested. they also “apparently” confessed; which they later retracted.

it has been a year and a day and the pakistan ISI has only been said to be strongly suspected of “having a hand” in such an obvious terrorist act. as far as i have found, no other action has been taken against pakistan or the isi. india apparently remains the lone accuser – no other country seems to even be bothered.

it has been a year and a day and bombay is back to its old self. people today barely remember there were blasts. and even if they do, so what ?

terror is a part of their daily life.

[all data from the wikipedia]

Incidentally the Wikipedia has no less than 3 entries for Bombay blasts. Go figure.