on cloud 8


thanks to tim’s tip on fixing the a certain ‘spoolsv.exe’ problem.

he doesn’t seem to be blogging anymore, but many thanks to him wherever he is for not taking it all down. saved more than one person apparently.

and the fucked up rutgers wifi network has been the cause of one more virus.

talk away


gizmocall is allowing upto 10 free minutes of calling anywhere in the world. i believe gizmo project is required to be used by the person you are calling.. but check it out !

oh, and thats from within the web browser. i think the web OS is well on its way..

celling gmail


interesting.. if you have a US-based cell phone, you can sign up for gmail.

To sign up, enter your mobile phone number below. We’ll send you a text message with an invitation code to create your account. If you’ve already received a code, skip to step two!

r, you could just ask anyone of the users for one of their 99 idle invites. but its more available now.

update: apparently, its been available to the US for a year now. neither the UK, nor europe, nor india has anything of the sort. unfortunate. my bad.

google wanna cookie ?


for a hardcore google user such as me, the logic behind the infamous “google-2038” cookie is a little worrying.

and voila ! a solution. do not forget to check the point about the new interface. very interesting.

and the “like wow !” feature of google talk for me today, was the dynamically sizing image preview during file transfer. very innovative. very google 😛