on my new-ish podcast


Yes, I know this blog could be considered partly “defunct”.

It is conceivable that one would assume this if a blogmaster blogger blog-author appears to have put their blog out to pasture.. by, say, posting only once every 6 months or so (guilty). Or that said author appears to be letting their interest in writing wane away to an inevitable demise (guilty).

Such a thought process would not be incorrect.


It’s about having stuff to put out there.

Usually, the most fun, interesting things I’ve come up with have been in the company of friends. It has often been a discussion point between my friends and I that if only we could somehow publicize our messages to each other, we would have comedy/information gold.

If only it were that simple.

You need the right people. You need the right medium. You need interesting topics. You need to be able to play off each other.

Suffice to say I do have candidates on all those fronts. But the partner-in-crime got self-selected during one of those daily back-and-forths with Raghu:

Raghu: finished this book – http://www.amazon.com/Remember-India-First-World-Vedica/dp/8174369791
Satish: yes i think i heard about this on sidin’s podcast/newsletter
Raghu: i don’t veen get those anymore
Raghu: and never heard his podcast
Raghu: why don’t we do a podcast?
Satish: hahahahahaha
Satish: y’know
Raghu: well – you have a bunch of things happening for sure
Satish: i started listening to this dads podcast and mentioned to G that i should an indian geek dad podcast with raghu
Satish: great minds, man
Satish: but yes, every time i think about how to get that off the ground i remember all the other things in the air
Raghu: yeah
Raghu: well, let’s try anyways
Raghu: desi geek dad squad
Raghu: once every two weeks

And thus The Inconceivable! Desis Podcast was born. And is now 11 episodes old.

Yeah, I know. A bit late on the origin story 1.

Personally, of course, I have been following podcasts for a while (no matter what the so-called podcast renaissance would have you believe). Just like my beloved RSS feeds, they remain integral to my online experience. Based on which, it seems apt to reflect on our own experience so far.

But this is not that post. That will be the next post 2.

This seems a good point as any to touch on some of the more abstruse aspects of our podcast. Such as the subtleties to our logo:


Raghu and I have known each other for a while (15 years, at this point, I think). This conversation epitomizes what happens when we hang out together… really, it’s 15 years of missed recording sessions 🙂 Geekdom. Pop culture. Movies. Books. Technology. Perspectives. Life. The 11 episodes we’ve released so far have spanned the breadth of these, and we have a list of many many more to come.

How can you get updated? Get notified of new episodes? Actually listen to the damn things?

There is Twitter. There is Facebook.

Also an iTunes link.

And an RSS feed which can be put into any podcast client.

And we’re inviting you to join in. And let us know what you think. And what you might want to hear about. We promise to do our research to talk about anything you might want to hear about.


  1. Raghu has, of course, been a lot more on point in putting up an introductory post close to when we launched the show. Me, I tried to write it and then decided to simmer on my take for a while. And so, here we are 4 months later, and I’m finally writing about it. Typical. 
  2. Don’t you dare say, ‘fat chance!’. 

the one i post for the sake of posting. as usual.


Hello there, gentle folk.

What was that? Who might I be?

Why I posted here just the other day. Do you not remember? Why, yes, it was something about Amex snail mail spam. Which almost none of you appreciated, by the way.

Frivolous? You think that post was frivolous? And it’s actually been over a month since I put that up?

Well, I shouldn’t really expect you to remember month-old frivolities.

It’s the least I should I expect for ignoring you?

Come now, dear readers, surely you do believe I have been ignoring you all. Well, I have, but… and to be honest, it’s probably more ‘reader’ than ‘readers’ after my sporadic posting schedule.

For the manner in which I post, ‘sporadic’ is an understatement?

Time to look at the stats then. 11 posts in the last 6 months. 9 in the 5 months before that. Hmm.. that is.. less than sporadic.

Ok, I’m dropping the question/answer format. It’s getting irritating for me to write in that manner. I can’t imagine the irritation factor for someone reading it. I propose some updates to smooth things over between us.

Hm? I don’t owe you guys an explanation of absence?

Damn, there I go again. Continue reading

its a page, its a post.. its a further update!


Y’all thought that threat of “updates soon” was all bull, didn’tcha? How does it feel to be proven wrong?

Before I get back to my usual dose of random.. one must first pander to the need to talk about having an awesome time with the Mrs.

No, this has nothing to do with  obsessively importing blogs from one place to another.

Absolutely nothing.


Its been a whole year since that monumentous monumental event. (“Monumentous” is apparently not a word, suggested alternatives include “monstrous”, “portentous”. Hm. Food for thought.)

Celebrations should have been in short order. Which we didn’t quite do on the day.

No, this has nothing to do with the Mrs wondering aloud what possessed her to marry me. And no, I absolutely do not keep congratulating myself on managing to push through the marriage before the full implications of being married to me dawned on her.

To be honest, we did do a small candlelight dinner with all the trimmings.. but nothing monumental. Mostly my fault, conferences always kill the mood around Jan-Feb. Every year. Including this one.

That said, good things come to those who wait.

I took G to Disneyworld.

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updates galore. or something.


Given the extreme gaps between posting here, it is obvious that a series of update posts are in order.

Well, obvious to me anyway. And I’ve already written them, regardless of how bored y’all get.

So they’ll be following from here on in with appropriate gaps so you guys are not “overwhelmed” while reading them. Getting a sudden influx of blog posts here at staying.cool could prove so mind-numbingly awesome that all your minds would be collectively blown. Which we wouldn’t want to happen.

Well, to be honest with myself, it’s probably just a couple of minds. But I’m a kind, considerate person.. and I wouldn’t wish that on y’all, especially seeing as you’ve stuck with me through so much.

Just don’t say you weren’t warned.


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what you have to live without.. and with again


(Purely for update purposes to this post)

I vaguely mentioned that some people have pulled pictures from me in the past.. and thus I may have some chance at recovering at least a few photos. For perspective, when I started out after the complete loss, I had next to nothing for close to 2-odd years worth of taking photos (from roughly mid-2006 to end-2008).

Thanks to people such as Pallavi/Vikas and my Dad, I now have all of 2006, most of 2007 and 2008. Yay! This includes a number of treasures taken in India, as well as the first set of pix I ever took with my S3 IS.

Now that quite a bit has come back to me, the missing of some favorites taken at the end of 2007 and 2008 pricks all the more 🙂

The cliche says it best: “the heart wants what it cannot have.”

the inevitable filler


If I had given it another 6 days, it would have been all of 2 posts over the last month. True writer’s block, I guess.

In past times, I’ve been able to resort to movie reviews, memes, random thoughts on tech and… you know, those items that apparently interest almost no-one but me. To fill space up. To have something to put in here.. the empty text box under ‘Add New Post’ that I have opened in a new tab every single day.

I kid you not. I’ve had this page open for one full f*ckin’ week. To no effect. Words I put down seem cliched at best. Lamenting the lack of inspiration. Lamenting the lack of time. Lamenting a deadline.

Y’know. Something similar to what you’re reading. Right now.

Well if its to be a filler post, a filler post it shall be. No point delaying the obvious. Continue reading

clubbing together a month’s worth of everything into one big gigantic post


This is the 4th attempt I’m making at trying for a halfway decent beginning to a post. Have I really been reduced to saying such banalities? I can’t quite believe it. When I look at my front page, most of my recent posts are about movies. Reviews, basically. Most of my recent posts have also ended with a sign-off saying that I will have a proper update soon. This post, by virtue of being an “update”, doesn’t count as a proper post either. I have notes here, there and everywhere galore… none of which I have really expanded on. Hell, when I was going through my drafts I realized that I had a started a post last winter which I never got round to finishing.

I’m not happy with that start either, but its a start.

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