in some ways…


…a lot of the stuff i’ve written recently can be construed as whining. i realise that but outlets are needed. i can’t say i’m over it, but darkness takes on meaning after a while too.

…you keep realising that time passes faster than you realise. it is the 23rd today, and in 3 days, this place on the net will have existed for a year. i mean as an entity, not the actual web-location. obviously.

…it is true that evolution is probably reality, rather than theory. this was meant to be a “cool” hang-out with links, and amazingly insightful commentary posts. and a forum for the ideas that come out of my head. it didn’t.
instead, i should say, welcome to a peek at what goes on in SEV’s head.
also, yes, that means i was always open to the point that evolution is only a theory.

…i’ve been very remiss in not visiting all of you as i usually do. i’ve barely been able to while in india, and it was only today that i managed to actually read all that all of you had written.
god, i can’t believe that one can accumulate backlog in blog-reading.

…staring into darkness shows you so many things after a while.
i lay in my bed last night, staring sightlessly at the dark ceiling above me. so many thoughts come unbidden when you relax your mind-blocks.. that you wonder. how many ideas die unheard simply because we don’t want to listen to everything our mind throws up ? i know my mind is far from what i once thought it would be.
i used to hope it would be like that of the great sherlock. filing cabinets of information around. knowledge available at a moments notice. cross-referenced and everything. just what i need, and nothing more.
i know now, it is actually a mess. order exists in its disorder, and i’ve been able to make it into a rough file-folder sorting, when i wish to. i’ve been able to empty it, too. i’ve learnt to scream inward: silent to the world; a cacophony inside.
and i know this is the way it was always meant to be. something of everything, and everything eventually leads to nothing…
the night.


One thought on “in some ways…

  1. Ashish

    The best part about staring on the ceiling is that it is blank and you can paint your expressions on it. It is easy to write whatever you want on the empty space…depends on whether you want to paint a bright summers day or the fiery depths of Hell…


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